We have all seen the pictures of babies with sunless tanner on their little faces or hands when their mommas nursed them immediately after getting a spray tan or were skin to skin with their little one.

Things happen of course, but we do want to try to avoid our babies eating spray tan along with their dinner if we can help it.

With a little planning, you CAN get a spray tan and breastfeed your babe without creating a viral internet photo.

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If you hadn’t noticed babies are wet and messy….and we as moms:

  • don’t want spray tan on our baby
  • don’t want our baby on our fresh spray tan = messed up splotchy color.

Momma’s are busy and tired and sometimes are not feeling their very best with all the middle of the night feedings, late nights and early mornings.  Plus, the old self esteem can take a hit after we have a baby. Our body doesn’t feel like our own and getting a shower and shaving BOTH legs can seem like the achievement of the year.

But I am told every day that getting a little color is life changing!

And an instant mood lifter!

Since we know spray tans have super powers, let’s get down to the details.

How do we pull this off?

Keep reading for spray tan tips to safely get a fake tan while breastfeeding.

Events To Spray Tan For:

Is self-tanner safe while breastfeeding

What ingredients are in Sunless Tanning products?

Sunless tanning products whether they are at home products or applied at the salon contain DHA which is dihydroxyacetone.

Big word.

Made from sugar cane or sugar beets.

DHA is FDA approved for cosmetic use on the skin. It creates a color change in the top layers of your skin which is temporary and safe. Other common ingredients in spray tan solution are aloe and moisturizing products along with the bronzers and color guides. All of this washes away after your first shower.

What are the risks to getting a spray tan while you are breastfeeding?

The two main risks are:

  • your baby eating the sunless tanning product if it is sprayed on your breasts
  • transferring the self-tanner on to your baby with skin to skin contact

As always, I recommend body care products that are simple and organic to use on your skin and with your spray tan, but when we have a new sensitive baby wrapped up in our arms we don’t want to transfer chemicals, perfumes or dyes onto baby’s skin.

Choosing the most natural sunless tanning and body care products becomes even more important! I always try to include organic and all natural options for you to pick from to meet your specific needs.

Check out the articles below if you need help choosing a gentle spray tan safe body care product that will also be safe for your baby.

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What is the best way to get a spray tan while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding Spray tanning tips

Don’t spray the “girls” have your spray tan artist go around them. You will still need to wash your breasts off before feeding your little one, just to be safe.

Wear a bandeau type bra to cover your breasts during the spray tan. This provides a bit more coverage but still lets your shoulders remain tan line FREE for an open neckline top or dress.

black bandeau bra amazon Shop this Bandeau Bra on Amazon

Outfit with an open back in your wardrobe in the near future? A sticky bra can cover and still leave your back with no tan lines.

sticky bra nude amazon

Shop this sticky nude backless bra on Amazon

Petals are also a great option for minimizing tan lines while still covering the area to keep it sunless tanner FREE for you and baby.

breast daisy petal covers amazonShop these daisy petal covers on Amazon

I also recommend keeping your skin covered up with long sleeve nursing top provides easy access for feeding but will help to keep your baby and tan protected till you can shower.Long sleeved nursing breastfeeding top AmazonShop this long sleeved breastfeeding top on Amazon

Wearing a nursing tank to keep your middle covered keeping baby off of your tummy.

Nursing breastfeeding tank top AmazonShop this nursing tank top on Amazon

Any combination of clothing that will keep your skin off of baby’s skin but isn’t tight will protect both of you.

This is the same advice that I give my mommas with younger children in general.  Even if they are not nursing they still have wet little fingers, teething drool, tears, diaper changes and sippy cups. All of these have the potential “get wet” factor that can transfer tan from mom, auntie, or grandma onto the little person or make an unsightly smudge mark on our spray tan.

I hope this helps you to plan how to safely get a spray tan while you are breastfeeding your baby, lift your mood and take on your week!

Photo Credit: CT Johnson Photography

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