Wondering if the skincare products you have at home in your bathroom are safe for your sunless tan?

  • Is your soap actually STRIPPING off your spray tan every time you shower?
  • Is your lotion causing your tan to fade patchy?
  • What about my makeup removing wipes? Do they remove my spray tan too?

These are questions that I help my clients work through in the spray room every day.

At SunSpray, I only recommend products that I have either created or have used myself. There’s no fluff here—just the very best products that I’ve found to be essential to achieving the very best sunless tan.

Here are my favorite Kathryn approved spray tan friendly body products, all of which have spent some time in my own bathroom.
(Yes, I have a beauty product addiction, please don’t tell my husband)

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Best Soap To Use After A Spray Tan

Sunless Tan Safe Bar Soap

When choosing a bar soap I look for gentle sensitive skin options. Think less is more here. Many bar soaps are full of HARSH detergents, chemical-based fragrances and deodorants. YUCK! We don’t want that all over your pretty tan or drying out your skin. Choosing options like those below help to gently cleanse and nourish your skin WITHOUT STRIPPING your spray tan:

Spray Tan Safe Body Wash

My favorite sunless tan friendly body washes are sulfate-free.  Sulfates are actually harsh detergents used in liquid soaps to make the bubbles.  When you use these products on your spray tan you are stripping off your color. To extend the life of your sunless tan choose products that are sulfate-free:

Best Moisturizer After Spray Tan

Sunless Tan Safe Lotion

Lotions full of fragrances and mineral oil can cause a sunless tan to fade patchy. These moisturizers also are not soaking into your skin and nourishing it. They are just sitting on top of your skin. So what lotion SHOULD you use with your airbrush tan? I like lotions that are unscented, paraben-free and formulated for sensitive skin.  Again less is more in the lotion department and the more natural the better.  Think mineral oil-free, fragrance-free, chemical-free. My go-to is pure coconut oil.

Best Body Scrub Before Spray Tan

My favorite exfoliating products are manual scrubs. Body scrubs that have oils and waxes in them coat your skin leaving a barrier to your sunless tan soaking in evenly.  We want a clean-rinsing body scrub and it’s always best to exfoliate and shave 24 hours BEFORE your sunless tan is applied.

Exfoliating Bath Towel

Wondering what to wear after your spray tan? I have a whole article that gets into all the Do’s and Don’ts but this adorable dress is just perfect to wear after your spray tan.

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As a small business owner, I can’t stock all the amazing products that are available in the world of sunless tanning but I can give you my professional opinion.