Spray Tan Business Resources

The Best Business Resources to Run Your Spray Tan Business

Within this post there may be affiliate links to the products I am referring to. If you purchase a product through one of my links it will NOT cost you anything but I will receive compensation that goes towards supporting this website. Read my full disclosure here.

Spray Tan Business Tools

It doesn’t matter if you are new spray tan business or are ready to level up your spray game and take your spray tan business to the next level. There are tools that can help you become a better spray tan artist, help you find more amazing clients and make your business more profitable.

The trick is knowing the right tools to use at the right time.

  • How do I find new clients
  • Do I need a website for my spray tan business
  • Best way to accept credit cards
  • What should I use to make a picture for my social media or webpage
  • How do I keep all of this organized

My promise to you is that I will always go first. Trying out new business options and continually exploring what’s needed to build an amazing spray tan business. I will experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Then report back to you on what you need (and when you need it) to create a profitable spray tan business.

Below is a list of what business resources I use to run SunSpray and keep my business running smoothly.

Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. If a product or service is on this list it’s because I believe in it and have used it in my own business. None of the fees for these business resources have been increased to compensate me. I work to find the best deals for you and some of these business tools have special discounts that I get to extend to you because of my affiliate status.

*****If you are looking for where to get trained to do spray tans, how to get your business started or what equipment to buy check out the links below.

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Tools of the Trade

I frequently get asked, “What do you use for_____?”

And since there is a whole lot more to running a spray tan business than just “doing” the spray tans, I pulled together all the great services and tools that I use to help me keep my business running in one handy spot for y’all.

Keep reading to learn what business tools I use to help me run my spray tan business more easily, so I can get back to the part that I enjoy the most.

Spraying my clients!

Spray Tan Website Hosting:

My website is the most important part of my spray tan business, because it is how NEW CLIENTS find me. It is my main way of advertising.  And it’s how you found me!

Need info on why you need a spray tan website.  Hop over to my post on Why Your Spray Tan Business Needs a Webpage, to read how this helped me grow my spray tan business.

Having a super reliable website host very important to me.  I need my spray tan website up and running and loading fast!

Because internet website stuff can be confusing, if I do run into trouble, I need a company that is quick to respond and HELPFUL.

I recently moved my web services over to SiteGround for these exact reasons.  Their website is clean and easy to navigate, their tech support is amazing and they are VERY reliable and super affordable.  With all the extra support services that they offer, its a deal I couldn’t pass up.

Website Hosting and Domain Names: Siteground

Feminine WordPress Themes

After a reliable and helpful hosting company my website needs to look beautiful, work easily and allow me to make changes and add information whenever I need to without hiring a web designer to change a million little things.

For this reason I use WordPress with a gorgeous theme from BluChic.  I picked the Isabelle theme for my website but there are SO many to choose from. I just know you will find one that you love too.

These WordPress themes are created with the female business owner in mind.  They have great options built in but also offer easy customizing when you are making it your own.

Website Theme: BluChic

Top Mobile Credit Card Reader For New And Small Businesses:

For years I only took cash or check. This worked fine back in the day but people just don’t carry cash anymore.  So I needed to find a way to accept credit cards that my small business could afford to use.  After a bit of searching I found the Square.

I have been using the Square Card Reader for several years now and have to say Square is super reliable, affordably priced and I have never had any issues with the service. The card reader works easily, the payments are direct deposited into my bank account and it keeps track of everything for me with a really great reporting system.

Square has no startup, monthly, or cancellation fees, so it’s completely risk-free to try out.

You get a free swipe card reader when you sign up, and the chip card reader is just $49.

You can use it anywhere: mobile, online, and in-store with competitive credit card processing rates 2.75% plus track sales, inventory, and more, all for free.

It handles all my daily business needs at the spray tan shop just using my cell phone and works great for mobile spray tans also.

The Square app is awesome!

  • It can be used in my studio with the wireless wi-fi
  • On my cell service if I am out and about or our wi-fi goes down
  • I can even run transactions and process them later if I have no service at all.  I have never had to use it this way but it makes me feel better that there is a plan in place in case the apocalypse happens. I won’t lose a sale!

The square app adds the sales tax and allows for tipping, handles my retail products and also offers amazing reports that helps me keep track of all the details of my business. It also allows my customers to leave a nice review! If I am having a bad day sometimes I just go read the reviews to make myself feel better.  Cuz my people are so NICE.

Credit Card Merchant: Square

Free Graphic Design Software Online

Often I need to make a graphic for my blog or social media.  I am NOT a graphic design artist and I have no idea how all those fancy programs work.

I need free simple online graphic design software.

When I need to make a graphic I use Canva or PicMonkey.  Both have free options (which work just fine for me) but if you are really into creating graphics you might want to look into the paid versions.  I haven’t needed to upgrade yet and I make a ton of images for my blog posts.  All the pictures with the overlays on the blog I created with these free online programs.

Sometimes I need to create something on the fly so I have the Canva and Over apps on my phone.  Both work great for quick graphics when I need something for Social Media.

Graphic Design Programs: Canva, PicMonkey, Over

Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

I use a ton of photos on my website.

Being able to show my potential new client my actual work is super important because many people have a bad idea of what a spray tan actually looks like.  I am lucky enough to have amazing clients and they love sharing their photos with me.

But sometimes I need a photo for a blog post, social media or my website that isn’t a client shot.

For those times I use Free stock photos.

Since you CANNOT just grab whatever picture that you like off the internet due to copyright laws.

And businesses are held to a higher standard of compliance, you need to always be aware of the photo license permissions.

Photos with a CC0 license are able to be used commercially on your website or social media accounts for your business.

Two websites that I like to use that I know allow commercial use of their photos are Pixabay and Unsplash. They have really high quality photos that you can use for FREE on your website or social media.

Free stock photos: Unsplash and Pixabay

Free Cloud Storage

DropBox is life changing!

Ok that may be a little dramatic. But if you haven’t signed up for this amazing service then you really should.

I was a little slow to grab onto how this was going to be helpful, but now that I have it all figured out I use it EVERYDAY.

I use dropbox to stay connected and organized with my receipts, documents and photos where ever I am. All I have to do is save my files to my DropBox account from my phone or laptop and then I am able to access them from anywhere on whatever device I happen to have near me.

If I am at the spray tan studio and I need to share a photo to my FB I can just grab it from my DropBox App.  If I am on my laptop putting together a flyer on Canva and I need the text for the file that I created while I was at work on the desktop, no problem cuz it’s in my DropBox and I can access it from my laptop where I am.

AND you can add users to a file if more than one person is working on a project!  Super helpful when my photographer needs to upload model photos for me. I can get to them where ever I am.

Oh and if you happen to drop your phone in the potty you wont lose all your pictures.  Cuz that has never happened before has it?


I hope these business tools help you with setting up your spray tan business.

As a small business owner I can’t stock all the amazing products available in the world of sunless tanning but I can give you my professional opinion.

Love and Sunshine Kathryn Signature