Will getting lash extensions damage your spray tan? Or will your spray tan damage your lashes? Which one do you do first?

Let’s dive in and figure out what kind of lash enhancement you are considering. When you should get your lashes applied for your event. When to book your lash extensions and spray tan appointment, so they are in the right order and both look amazing!

Should you get lash extensions before or after a spray tan?

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What Comes First Lashes Or Spray Tan?

Does this mean that SunSpray by Kathryn is offering lashes now too?

Nope, I have got my hands full with ALL of you bronze beauties, thank you very much!!!!

So I will stick with what I am good at…..spray tans.

But you girls keep coming in with your gorgeous lashes making me a bit jealous.  So, I decided that a little research was needed to make sure we had our timing correct.

Turns out it DOES MATTER when you get your lashes in relation to WHEN you get your spray tan.

We are back to that “beauty timeline” thing again (I keep saying I’m gonna make an infographic).

Does A Spray Tan Affect Lash Extensions?

Let’s break this down.

There are lash growth serums, lash lift and tints, strip lashes and eyelash extensions.

I will go through all the options and how they relate to interacting with your spray tan.

Events To Spray Tan For:

Best Lash Growth Serums

Eyelash serums are for conditioning and growth.  They help your natural lashes to be soft and strong and not fall out so that they get thicker and longer.  There are many different ones on the market from prescription think Latisse and over-the-counter ones. I have used Grande Lash and RevitaLash they DO work! My lashes are so much longer when I remember to use the serum daily. As we get a little older our lashes tend to thin out and can become sparse.  The serum definitely helps to correct this (bonus you can pop a little on your eyebrows to help them grow as well). Or if you are going for beautiful thick lashes I love the lash growth serums.

You can use your favorite lash serum with your spray tan and NOT worry about any timing issues for applying. The same day is fine before or after your spray tan appointment.

Lash serums can be used the same day as your spray tan appointment.

My lashes after using Grande Lash growth serum
Kathryn’s Before & After using the Grande Lash Serum for a few weeks. These are my real lashes.

False Lashes Or Strip Lashes

Next up false lashes. These are great for special occasions and can range from individual clusters to fill in your lashes a little bit, all the way to super dramatic! It really just depends on what your personal style is and what your event is.  Wedding lashes, Halloween lashes, and picture lashes give you the flexibility to pop them on (or have them applied—we do this at the shop) when you need them. But you can rock your natural lashes without any commitment.

Since you will be applying your false eyelashes with your makeup they will be put on after your tan on the day of your event.

False lashes can be applied as soon as after the first shower after your spray tan.

Strip lashes and a spray tan on blue layne boutique model

The next two options are where you really need to be careful of where you are going and make sure they are licensed and trained properly.  These are your eyes ladies. Safety before vanity. And just like I say about your spray tan, you get what you pay for.

What Comes First Lash Lift Or Spray Tan

An eyelash lift and tint is sort of like having your hair permed and colored.  Your aesthetician (this is NOT something that you do at home) places your lashes on a curling rod that is shaped to your eye and the curling and tinting solution are applied and timed before they are cleaned off and your new darker and curled lashes are revealed to the world!  This option gives you a more awake look still with your natural lashes.  And you can use your lash serum with a lift and tint to keep your lashes growing and conditioned.  This option lasts about 6 weeks.

With an eyelash lift and tint, you do have to have this done 24-48 hours BEFORE your spray tan.  When your aesthetician is prepping the eye area they are cleansing your lashes and applying a sticky pad under the eye to keep the dye off of your skin and then washing the area free of the treatment products.  All of this can remove the spray tan around your eyes resulting in a reverse raccoon look.  Not cute.  Also, you have to keep your newly curled and tinted lashes dry for 24 hours after to allow the lashes to set.  Book your spray tan 1-2 days after your lashes.

  • Lift and tint application can remove spray tan
  • Must keep the lash area dry for 24 hours after application
  • Schedule spray tan 1-2 days AFTER eyelash lift and tint for best results

Lash lift and tint should be done 24-48 hours BEFORE your spray tan

How To Get A Spray Tan With Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

And finally, the eyelash extensions.  I see so many of my brides opt for these because they have so many special events in a short period of time that require photos and glam makeup looks. It helps to simplify the makeup application allowing you to wake up with your eyes on!  I would caution you to really research who and where you are getting your lashes from.  I have heard many times from my girls that they feel that the lashes are more extreme than they really wanted.  Less is more here and a natural set of lash extensions can go a long way to enhance your everyday or wedding look.

When To Book Lash Extensions And Your Spray Tan

You do have to plan your eyelash extension and spray tan appointment in the right order.  When they apply your lash extensions they place a sticky pad under your eye to keep the glue off of your skin. This can pull your tan off of the under-eye area leaving patchy white areas.  You also have to keep your new lashes dry for 24-48 hours. So, schedule your spray tan according to what your lash professional is recommending.

  • The lash application can remove spray tan
  • Must keep lashes dry for 24-48 hours after application
  • Schedule spray tan 1-2 days AFTER eyelash extensions are applied for best results

Lash extensions should be done 24-48 hours BEFORE your spray tan

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After all the eyelash enhancement research for this blog post, I wanted to have pretty lashes for my vacation.  So I thought it would be nice to wake up and have a simple routine of sunblock and lipgloss and still look like I had some eyes on.

Eyelash Lift And Tint Near Me

I decided that the eyelash lift and tint was the right choice for me, so I went to visit Jami over at Skin Remedy in Waterville.

Jami walked me through the whole treatment and explained each step.  It was really easy. The first day or 2 I felt like they were super curly! Jami warned me that they would settle in after a couple of days and they did.  Sort of like how your spray tans are the darkest the day after you get them before they soften a bit.  Now that I have done it once I know what to expect.

I am three weeks into my vacation and we are in South Carolina.  The humidity has been at 95% some days I did worry that the heat would cause the lash curl to fall but they haven’t moved even a little bit! I am using my Grande Lash serum with the lash lift and tint and my lashes are growing, I can see the difference.

Kathryn's lashes after a lift and tint from Jami at Skin Remedy in Waterville, OH

Would I do it again? Yes Ma’am, I would!

It gives me just enough definition to look like I have lashes without any mascara for a beach day. With just a bit of mascara, it gives me the volume and length that I was looking for with my natural lashes.

Hope this helps you to plan to get your spray tan after your lash enhancements so you can glow and flutter at the same time!


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