Here are some great reasons to get a spray tan before you leave on your vacation:

  1. You won’t feel like you have to sit in the sun because you are already tan
  2. You will feel great when you arrive! Bronzed and beautiful when you hit the beach DAY ONE.
  3. If your diet wasn’t dialed in before you left no worries, I always say If you can’t tone it tan it.
  4. Spend your vacation time actually seeing the sites instead of just sitting at the beach laying out
How to get the best spray tan before your vacation.
Book your spray tan appointment the day before you leave on your vacation to maximize the color on your trip.

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First Book Your Vacation Rental

I have been doing a little traveling the past couple of years checking things off my bucket list and had really great luck booking my accommodations through Airbnb. If you haven’t tried Airbnb yet I would check them out.

There are really great places to rent all over the world (even an adorable tiny house in Nashville, TN that I am wanting to go stay at) and the renter and homeowner are both checked so you can feel comfortable renting through the service.

If you are not signed up with Airbnb yet, I was able to get you a discount on your first trip for signing through this link.

Now that you have your vacation plans in place time to get you all bronzed up and ready to leave on your trip.

The complete guide to getting a spray tan before your vacation.

Is it worth it to get a spray tan before vacation?

Absolutely! My client’s #1 request before they leave for vacation is “Please make me look like I didn’t just come from Ohio!” LOL

Having the confidence to slip into your swimsuit on day one or go makeup free with just a swipe of lipgloss all comes from a quick spray tan appointment before your vacation.

Is a spray tan a base tan?

Absolutely NOT.  A spray tan makes you look like you are tan but your skin is NOT TAN.

That means that if you have been in hibernation here in the great Midwest during the dark days of winter and you finally run away on a sunny vacation to the Caribbean, your skin (even though it looks bronzed and beautiful with your spray tan) is going to react to the sun like it hasn’t seen it in a looooooong time.

Caution and a good sunscreen are your friends here.

Check out my favorite self-tanning mousse–yes it comes in a TSA travel size!

Can you tan in the sun with a spray tan?

Yes, you will tan or burn right through a spray tan.

Does a spray tan prevent you from getting a real tan? No, it does not.

If your skin would normally pick up some color in the sun it will still do that with your spray tan.

If you would normally burn in the sun, you are going to do that right through your spray tan also.

The problem is that you cannot see that you are getting color because you are already brown.  Be careful, reapply your sunscreen, wear your floppy hat and big sunglasses and hang out under an umbrella.

I mean you are too sexy for a sunburn!

Can you go to the beach after a spray tan?

Yes, after your sunless tan is fully developed and you have had your first shower go have fun at the beach and enjoy yourself.

Will a spray tan last at the beach?

Yes, as long as you are using sunless extending products to keep your tan going it will last.

Rinse off the salt and sand after you’re done at the beach and then apply your favorite self tanner or glow creme to keep your color going!

Do spray tans come off in salt water?

Saltwater is better than chlorine in pool water but it will still fade a sunless tan if you are in the water for extended periods of time.

If you are heading to Mexico and you know that you want to scuba dive or snorkel I would plan for those activities to happen later in your vacation and not the first days that you are there.  This way your spray tan has faded a bit and your real tan has taken over so that the water isn’t going to affect it as much.

I do recommend that you rinse off when you get out of the ocean with fresh water.

Can you go swimming with a spray tan?

Yes, you can go swimming with a spray tan! After it is fully developed.

First, if you go swimming with a spray tan it is NOT all going to wash off in one dip.  It may not last as many days if you are spending a ton of time in the water but there are things you can do to keep your color and extend your spray tan.

5 vacation tips to help your color last:

  1. Short dips in the water to cool off work great.
  2. Avoid hanging out in the water all day it will fade your color.
  3. A heavy layer of sunscreen helps to keep the water off your spray tan helping to protect your color.
  4. Rinse off any chlorinated water when you are done swimming
  5. Apply self-tanning lotion or mousse to boost your color back up

Do spray tans come off in the pool?

Most pools have chlorine in them to keep the pool water fresh and germ-free.  We love germ-free but keep in mind that chlorine is bleach and can be harsh in fading your spray tan.

Swimming in a pool for extended periods of time will fade your spray tan.

I recommend that if you do want to go swimming, keep it short and rinse off with fresh water when you get out of the pool.  Many pools have an outside shower area for rinsing off.

Can you go in a hot tub with a spray tan?

A hot tub is like the kiss of death to a spray tan.  Hot bubbling chlorinated water? No thanks, not on your tan, please.  This is one of the ways that spray tan artists recommend for helping to soak off a tan before exfoliating it off.  Not what you want for your vacation.

Hot tubs will fade and remove a spray tan please stay out of them to keep your sunless tan on.

Events To Spray Tan For:

Can you put on sunscreen with a spray tan?

Yes, please!!!

  1. Choose a lotion formula
  2. Stay away from scented sunblocks
  3. NO aerosols–they are hard to apply evenly, oftentimes ineffective and drying to your spray tan.

I suggest checking out the Top 5 Best Sunscreens Safe For Your Spray Tan to pick one to take on your vacation.

How long does a spray tan last on holiday?

A spray tan lasts about a week with proper care.  If you are hanging out in the pool/lake/ocean while on vacation you may get fewer days out of your color.

Using the recommended soap, lotion, sunscreen, and tan-extending products can help to keep your color going instead of stripping it away more quickly.

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Skincare Tips Before You Get Your Vacation Spray Tan

Start with a fresh canvas: don’t layer new sunless tanner over the old spray tan. Letting your old spray tan completely fade away before your vacation and getting a brand new fresh tan before you leave on your trip, makes sure that you are swimsuit ready to hit the beach with no unsightly dark patches.

Exfoliate: First, spend some time gently exfoliating for a few days before your vacation spray tan appointment. I am not talking about stripping 6 layers off of your skin but gently spending some time on your dry trouble spots and getting your skin polished up and ready for a fresh spray tan.

Moisturize: In between exfoliating sessions MOISTURIZE with a high-quality chemical-free lotion.  Choose something as natural as possible and stay away from perfumed lotions. This is going to get your skin looking amazing before your tan is even applied to give me or whoever your spray tan artist is a great canvas to work with.

When To Get Your Spray Tan For Vacation?

Book your spray tan appointment 1-2 days before you leave for your trip.

Schedule your appointment the day before you leave for your vacation if at all possible. We want to get you sprayed the day before you leave so you can enjoy your tan on your trip.  If you tan earlier in the week you are wasting your bronzy goodness at home.

Spray Tan Before Flight?

Many of my clients get their tans before flying out for their vacations. Please plan your outfit for the plane so that you are not wearing anything tight. Remember that your developing tan may look too dark till your first shower. And don’t spill anything on your skin while you are traveling.

How Many Times Should I Spray Tan Before Vacation?

I love it when my clients can come in twice before their trip. Once the week before they leave (if you have never had a spray tan this gives a great run-through) and then again the day before they leave. This lets us build the color intensity up without overwhelming you.

If you are crunched for time (I know it can be hectic getting ready to leave) then one visit with some added booster will work perfectly as well. For my spray tan beginners just be aware that you go from not tan to TAN in a few minutes and sometimes that can feel a little intense. Once you do it and go through the whole process it will be easy peasy and you will know what to expect.

How to take care of your spray tan on vacation

What’s the best fake tan to use on holiday?

I love the Rose Gold Sunless product line of self-tanners. You can read more about why it’s my favorite self-tanner here.

You can purchase the products in the studio if you are local to me or online and we can ship them right to your door.

The travel-size self-tanning mousse is one of our BEST-selling products with my vacation clients.

Packing the proper beauty products can extend your spray tan on vacation.

These products are going to help you to keep your spray tan as long as possible and extend your sunless glow for your trip.

If you are going to be gone for an extended vacation and are interested in having your color refreshed while you are on your trip check out the local spray tan scene at your vacation spot.  Do a Google search for “spray tan + your vacation location” to see what pops up.

Have a great trip and I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!!!

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