Bridal Beauty Timeline

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When you are planning your wedding and upcoming honeymoon trip you have to be organized with all your beauty treatments.

First book your honeymoon!

I always recommend Airbbnb to my clients.  It’s my Go-To for my get aways.

There are really great places to rent all over the world and the the renter and homeowner are both checked so you can feel comfortable renting through the service.

New to Airbnb great! I was able to get you $40 toward your first trip for signing up for giving it a try.

Now that you have your plans in place on to getting you all bronzed up and ready to leave on your trip.

Wedding & Honeymoon Beauty Checklist

When getting yourself ready for your wedding and honeymoon there is a special order to the beauty treatments that need to happen.

And your spray tan is LAST!!

Think of your tan as the icing on the cake, the absolute last stop on the train to wedded beauty bliss.

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Honeymoon Beauty Essentials:

  • Get your hair touched up the week before (cut and color)
  • Facials or derma-planing the week before
  • Waxing 3-4 days before
  • Mani/Pedi the day before your tan
  • And your spray tan 2 days before the wedding ceremony

The reason everything else needs to happen BEFORE your spray tan is so that the other treatments don’t remove or fade out your tan after I apply it. This ensures that your pretty tan stays just as you want it, on your skin for your wedding and honeymoon. Check out my post on when to schedule your mani/pedi for more details on not ruining your airbrush tan.

Events To Spray Tan For:

One last thought. Book your appointments EARLY!!!  I schedule my brides up to a year in advance. Wedding season collides with prom, graduation, and vacation season creating a super busy time of year.  To ensure that you can get in with me for your preferred day and time its best to book ASAP. Click here to find out how to book your spray tan appointment.

Time to get organized!

Sunless Tanning Pros:

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