Best 5 lightweight summer body lotions for people who don’t like lotion

…….but still need to moisturize their spray tans.

Here is another one of my “Top 5” lists to help you choose great products that are good for your tan, your skin and the environment.  Cuz this is what you ask me for.

Non greasy lotion for summer spray tan amazon

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It’s spring time again and we have been getting ready for the warm weather over here at SunSpray HQ and of course working with our favorite online boutique Blue Layne and their pretty model Brooke while shooting for the spring and summer 2018 collection.

If you haven’t checked it out the new seasons outfits you should because they are adorable!

You know that I am a fan of keeping your spray tan moisturized. When your skin is soft and smooth your spray tan wears so much better. Your tan goes on more smoothly and it fades more evenly.

When we are getting ready for spring and summer and less clothes having soft pretty skin is important.

That being said I know there are many of my clients who really don’t like how body lotion feels on their skin and summertime moisturizing can be really hard.

When I ask what lotion they are using at home they wrinkle their noses and shake their heads.

I get it.

I personally don’t like to be sticky either and when it’s humid out that is even worse.

But having a super dry skin type if I don’t moisturize I have alligator skin and my spray tan fades into crinkly patchy yuck.

Not a good look people.

We want beautiful bronzed glowy skin.  Is glowy a word?

Natural body lotion that is not sticky

So many lotions are sticky or greasy and sit on top of your skin all day not actually soaking in and doing what they are supposed to do which is soften and hydrate you.  Slimy is not a fun way to feel as you go about your day.

Fun Fact: Did you know that you can OVER moisturize your spray tan?

It’s true, too much heavy lotion full of mineral oil, perfumes, and dyes is actually NOT GOOD for your sunless tan.

Moisturizing once a day with a good quality natural body lotion is all that is required here and during the summer months we need something lightweight and easily absorbed.

And YES there are body lotions that are both good for your sunless tan and not sticky on your skin.

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Body lotion that isn’t greasy

I have been on the hunt for the perfect all natural lotion that is NOT sticky or greasy feeling and is safe for your sunless tan.

These lotions are also great for summer time moisturizing as they are light and easily absorbed into your skin.

Check out my shopping guide below for fun lotion options that are perfect for summertime and NOT sticky or greasy feeling.

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Kathryn’s Top 5 Body Lotion’s That Are Spray Tan Safe And Fast Absorbing

Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip Moisturizer

Shop this lotion on Amazon

I am starting this list of lightweight moisturizers with this amazing lotion because it is my latest find that I am currently obsessed with.  Super lightweight, fast absorbing and literally feels like nothing on your skin.  But no tight dry feeling and I am a super dry skin type.  The scent is soft and delicious and all of the ingredients are spray tan friendly.

I discovered this lotion locally at Bassett’s Health Food Store here in Toledo, OH but in case you don’t live here it’s on Amazon also.

Yes To Coconut Hydrate & Restore Ultra Light Spray Body Lotion

 Shop this Lotion on Amazon

I love the “Say Yes” line of products! This lotion is very lightweight.  Not sticky. Not greasy feeling and absorbs right into your skin.  I also love the spray bottle feature to easily apply after your shower and quickly smooth into your skin because I don’t have time to fuss with applying lotion that is hard to get out of the bottle.

Aloe Soothing Gel by Hanalei Company

Shop this moisturizer on Amazon

Super lightweight gel moisturizer. I LOVE aloe and how it drys down on your skin so you don’t feel it but are still getting the skin softening benefits. Perfect for humid summer days when you want a touch of moisture but don’t want to feel sticky.

Puracy Organic Hand and Body Lotion

Shop this lotion on Amazon

This lotion is really loved.  Over 1,200 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon! Simple, lightweight, fast absorbing and spray tan safe! No harsh chemicals and organic.  This is the kind of moisturizer that I really love to recommend to my clients. Gently soften your skin without feeling like you have a heavy creme on all day.  Win/win.

Organic Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin–Tree to Tub

Shop this lightweight sensitive skin lotion on Amazon

This lotion is really great for those with super sensitive skin who want a lightweight lotion.  It even comes in an unscented option!! Free of all the chemicals and nasty things we try to stay away from to keep our bronzy spray tans fresh and fading softly.

These are some really great lotions for people who just really don’t like how moisturizer feels on their skin or are in need of a lightweight summertime lotion.  If this is you, then give one a try.  You just might find out that lotion really isn’t that bad.

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