Should you get a spray tan before your photoshoot?

Yes. Getting a spray tan 1-2 days before a photoshoot will enhance your skin color, smooth your complexion and make your eyes and teeth sparkle.

But I’m a spray tan artist and I think everyone should be rocking a little glow.

Spray tan before senior pictures. Brittany Ann Photography.

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So I thought it might be better if I asked my friend Brittany over at Brittany Ann Photography what she thinks about getting a spray tan before a photo shoot.

Brittany is a natural light photographer that specializes in senior photo sessions in the Toledo, Ohio area.  Her work speaks for itself and it’s always a fun day when the makeup artists at Merle Norman and I get to assist in getting her beautiful clients ready for their photoshoots.  A spray tan is often a part of the before photoshoot prep.

I asked Brittany if she would mind guest posting on my blog and giving her opinion on how a spray tan does or doesn’t work with professional photography and she said yes! So let me turn this post over so we can hear Brittany’s thoughts.

Spray tan before photoshoot. Brittany Ann Photography

Who does not love to look bronzed and beautiful, especially when you are taking a lot of photos? No brainer if you ask me! But, I totally get where people are coming from when they ask if a spray tan is the right thing to do before a photo shoot.

Oftentimes people are scared of the outcome, due to all the bad photos they see of people who are really dark and orange or even streaky. The truth is, they are seeing the “bad stuff” and it deters them from even trying to find an educated and awesome spray tan artist that can give them what they are looking for and need, a natural and beautiful glow!

Key things to remember when considering a spray tan for your photoshoot.

From my experience, spray tans and photography work really well together, if done right. As a photographer, I can tell you firsthand that I recommend a spray tan to all my high school girls that book their senior session with me!

  1. I want my clients to feel comfortable, radiant, and confident for their photos and a spray tan definitely plays a role in that.
  2. A professional spray tan makes my editing process more smooth and seamless, due to natural added warmth and a base of even skin tone.
Spray tan before senior session. Brittany Ann Photography

Get a natural spray tan:

You want your spray tan to be LIGHT and NATURAL. We just want to add a nice glow that will really add a touch of warmth to your skin tone.  If you are someone who is used to getting spray tans regularly, then this one might seem a bit lighter than your normal one, but that is okay!

Again we are going for a natural look.

Book your spray tan with an experienced spray tan artist!

Choose someone with experience doing spray tans for photoshoots. Check out their website or social media to get an idea of what their sprays look like in actual photographs because often times a spray tan looks different in person vs in pictures. My girl Kathryn…is a pro and knows how to get that perfect amount of color the girls need so that they are not “washed” out in their photos, but not too dark either.

Make sure to let your spray tan artist know what you are getting your spray tan for!

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Senior picture spray tan. Brittany Ann Photography

Taking care of your spray tan is just as important as getting the spray tan. Hydrate your skin with the product that your spray tan artist recommends to you! Also, be sure to do all of the things that your spray tan artist says to do! If you accidentally use your Bath & Body soap in the shower when you are not supposed to; it could strip your spray off…..leading to not-so-easy editing for your photographer later on.

Can pale skin get a spray tan?

If you naturally have more pale skin it is okay to get sprayed! A natural glow can be achieved on your skin as well.

Spray Tanning before photo shoot. Brittany Ann Photography

Spray Tan Tips For Your Photoshoot

Knowing the spray tan rules will let you keep your spray looking smooth and beautiful for your photoshoot!


This removes dry skin and smooths your complexion and will help your spray tan last longer!


You need clean dry skin before your spray tan and some beauty products will block the tan from developing evenly.


As Kathryn has mentioned in her previous blogs, the spray tan is typically done 1-2 days before your event. If you book too early then your spray tan might start to fade making it more difficult for your photographer when they go to edit!


Your tan needs 8-10 hours to fully develop.



I love a touch of sun-kissed skin in photos!

I think that a natural and refreshing look can easily be achieved if you want it and can find someone who knows how to create this look! So I say go for it! Don’t be nervous!

Find an awesome spray tan artist near you.

I promise it will be a great addition to your next photoshoot!

Events To Spray Tan For:

Thanks, Brittany for all your insight on how professional photography and spray tanning can be wonderful partners together.

If you would like to connect with Brittany check out her website, or find her on Facebook 


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