How Much Does A Spray Tan Cost?

We are experienced in color correction, shading for special skin conditions, body contouring and tan line blending.

If you have a special need or concern please feel free to ask.  We are happy to explain and explore all of your options.

Having been in this business for 18 years I have seen MANY skin conditions including:

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • keratosis pilaris
  • vitiligo
  • breast cancer
  • skin cancer scars

I promise that nothing will shock or amaze and we have nothing but the most LOVE and compassion for your concerns as well as professional way of handling how you feel. I have said this a thousand times our spray room is a JUDGEMENT FREE zone~~please be gentle with yourself as we LOVE our SunSpray girls and guys. XOXO


Need instructions on what to do before your spray tan? Head over here.

Events To Spray Tan For:

Spray Tan Prices:

Single Luxury Airbrush Tan 42

Our complete full body hand applied spray tan. Organic formula with skin softening PH balancing pre-treatment will have your skin dewy and glowing in no time.

Double Dip 7

Need an extra layer of rich color to intensify? Just ask.

Upper Body 25

Winter blahs got you down? This is our most popular cold weather treatment! From the waist up we give you that perfect glow to help you make it through the snowflakes and gray Toledo, Ohio days.

Lower Body 25

Love a tan leg? Then this one is for you.  Rich golden color brings white legs to life with a double layer of beautiful color.

Face Only 10

Feeling a little pastey? Sometimes we need a few “roses in our cheeks”.

Want to keep your color going or have multiple events to attend?
Check out our Sunless tanning packages.

Spray Tan Packages:

5 Spray Tans 160  save 50

3 Spray Tans 107  save 19

Each Individual Full Body Sunless Tan Includes:

  • Skin Evaluation
  • Pre-tan PH Treatment
  • Aloe based natural tanning solution chosen for your specific skin needs
  • After care instructions and product education
  • 18 years experience in the sunless tanning industry