All the resources you need to easily start and grow a spray tan business.

My Goal Is Always To Give Away More For FREE Than What Other People Charge For.
Please Take Advantage Of The Free Guides Below That I Have Created To Help You Get Your Spray Tan Business Up And Running.

Is a spray tan business profitable?

The short answer to this is YES! Absolutely.

My spray tan business has given me the flexibility to work my business around my family schedule for the past 20 years and earn a full-time income from it. So I regularly receive a lot of questions asking how to start a spray tan business.

I get it. Seeing all of the beautiful photos of models and brides on social media makes it look like a dream job…

After all, I do GET PAID to hang out with amazing clients, create beautiful art, and partner with other beauty professionals to create stunning looks!

How much does it cost to start a spray tan business?

That is one of the best parts of this industry. As far as businesses go it has a low cost to to get started. You can go all out all at once or ease your way in starting small.

It’s really up to you. I started my business at home and then went mobile and then into my own studio. My business grew with my family and when the time was right I was able to expand and go BIG.

Confused about where to begin?

I am guessing you did a Google search for “How to start a spray tan business” and maybe that is how you found me.

And you may have noticed that many of the web sites out there are brand specific and there is no clear path to figure out if what they are selling is a good spray tan solution, reliable spray tan equipment or fair prices.

How are you supposed to know who to work with?

Hey Girl!

I’m Kathryn

I’ve been a professional spray tan artist for 20 years

and I am here to help you build your business.

Let’s get started.

You probably walked away overwhelmed, and unsure of who to trust and what products you need to get started.

I am here to help you:

  • Start your new spray tan business from the ground up
  • Grow your existing spray tan business into something bigger
  • Brand and Market yourself
  • Build a career that you LOVE

If you’re interested in making money like I do with my spray tan business then keep reading below for the details.




  1. Decide If Starting A Spray Tan Business Is Right For You

    Should you start a spray tan business in 2020?

  2. Learn What Spray Tan Equipment Is Available

    All the details on what to consider before making your spray tan equipment purchase.

  3. Read My Spray Tan Equipment Reviews

    Professional spray tan equipment reviews from a veteran spray tan artist.

  4. Choose The Best Spray Tan Tent or Backdrop

    Complete buying guide to purchasing your spray tan tent, how to clean it, and how to light the interior.

  5. Sign Up For Your Spray Tan Training

    Spray tan certifications and training programs. Both online and in-person get you educated on the basics of how sunless tanning works.

  6. Gather Your Spray Tan Business Tools

    Recommended professional business tools and resources

  7. Build Your Spray Tan Business Website

    Learn what website service works best for you

  8. Get Your Business Featured Online

    FREE Spray Tan Business Directory Listing

  9. Join The Sunless Essentials For Business Building

    Become a sunless insider in the Sunless Essentials FB Group to get my BEST business tips and tricks that I don’t share anywhere else to grow your spray tan business

A shorter path to a profitable spray tan business

It’s safe to say there is a ton of spray tan business information locked inside my noggin.

During the past 20 years, I have developed systems for evaluating whether a new piece of spray tanning equipment comes on board, or if a new spray tan solution or retail product is the right fit for my business.

I am contacted weekly by sunless sales reps wanting me to use their supply house or try the latest “BEST” spray tan solution that just hit the market. Trying new products could take up my whole day if I let it.

So I developed a clear cut path for myself to work through all the clutter and find the sunless gems that are out there.

I am offering my experience to you to help shorten your path to a profitable spray tan business.

Bookmark this page as this is the spot where all the spray tan business knowhow lives here at SunSpray.

There is a ton here already to get you started and I will be adding to this little treasure trove of spray tan business tips as I have breaks in between tans.

Commonly asked spray tan business questions:

  • What do I need to start a spray tan business? From equipment to a solution, what’s best, what works.
  • Setup:  Mobile, Retail or Salon How to Choose
  • Business Registration and Spray Tan Licensing
  • Product Reviews: I try it and tell you what I think, is it orange, does it suck or is it lovely?
  • Marketing: Online and off, how to find your clients
  • Branding: what it is, how to use it and what tools I use to create it
  • Website: A successful spray tan business owner needs a high-quality website that is page #1 of Google so you can  “get found” in your town,
  • Sales: how to establish your pricing, retail product options, and preferred vendors

Have questions?  Hop on over to my private Facebook group and let me know how I can help you. This is a vendor-free group so there will be no pressure to purchase any specific brand of equipment or spray tan solution.  Only helpful and supportive advice.

Keep in mind that all this info is from the perspective of a busy spray tan business owner, the in the trenches down and dirty of everyday life in the spray room.

Business Resources For Spray Tan Artists:

Are you looking for information on HOW to start a spray tan business? Or do you have a home-based or mobile spray tanning business that you are ready to expand? Then check out my sunless business coaching for help in setting up your own airbrush spray tanning business.

I offer:

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