Interested in learning how to start your own spray tanning business?

…..or growing your small spray tan company into something bigger?

So you did a little Google search for “How to start a spray tan business” and checked out what is living out on the internet and you walked away overwhelmed, confused and unsure of who to trust and what to purchase.

Most of the sites out there seem to be spray tan distributors and there is no clear path to figure out which one to choose.

I mean how the heck are you supposed to know who to work with?

What if you had a friend that worked in the sunless tanning industry for a very long time and you could ask her for advice and direction?

I’m your girl.

During the past 16 years I have developed systems for evaluating whether a new piece of equipment comes on board, or if a new spray tan solution is the right fit for my business. I am approached weekly by sunless sales people wanting me to use their supply house or try the latest “BEST” solution that just hit the market.  Trying new products could take up my whole day if I let it. So I developed a clear cut path for myself to work through all the clutter and find the sunless gems that are out there.

I am now offering my experience to you to help shorten your path to a successful spray tan business.

I am frequently asked about how to start a spray tan business or for help troubleshooting a problem or for some sunless business advice.  Since I am busy running my own spray tan business I thought it might be easier for both of us if I got all the info online for y’all to read or sign up for courses at your convenience.

The most commonly asked questions are:

  • ALL things Sunless Tanning: from equipment to solution, what’s the best, what works, what do I REALLY need to get started?
  • Setup:  Mobile, Retail or Salon How to Choose, Business Registration and Spray Tan Licensing, what do I need?
  • Product Reviews: I try it and tell you what I think, is it orange, does it suck or is it lovely?
  • Marketing: On-line and off, how to find your clients
  • Branding: what it is, how to use it and what tools I use to create it
  • Website: A successful spray tan business owner needs a high-quality website that is page #1 of Google so you can  “get found” in your town,
  • Sales: how to establish your pricing, retail product options and preferred vendors

If this sounds like what you have been searching for then dive on in and check out all the information that I have pulled together to get you going!  This is a great business to get into.  I have been spraying for 16 years now and love the life that it has allowed me to have.

  • Scheduling my work around my family
  • Having a great group of co-workers at my studio
  • Enjoying my clients who are the BEST!!!
All this info is from the perspective of a busy spray tan business owner, the in the trenches down and dirty of everyday life in the spray room.



How I decide on new spray tan equipment .

Spray tan machine reviews where I give you my professional opinion on the equipment that has been in my shop.

Spray tan business resources, what I use to run my business.

Why my webpage is the most important part of my business and why you need one too.



If you are considering opening your own spray tan business, or you are ready to take your business to the next level then I hope you find all this info helpful.  Have questions?  Hop on over to my Facebook Page and let me know how I can help you.