The Do’s & Don’ts of Getting Ready for Your Next Boutique Fashion Photo Shoot

Whether you are an established boutique clothing model or you would like to become an online fashion model there are a few essentials that go along with prepping for a professional clothing photo shoot and what a boutique owner will expect from you.

Since I am part of the team working with online boutique owner Samantha at Blue Layne to help get her models ready for their photo shoots, we thought it would be a good idea to put all the information in one easy spot for y’all.

And yes, we talk about spray tans. Cuz that is what I do here.

Blue Layne Photoshoot Pose for Girl

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5 Tips For Getting Ready For Your Boutique Clothing Model Photoshoot

Before The Scheduled Photo Session

Get Enough Sleep

This is a must.  Your body is the tool that you use for your job.  You have to take care of it.  A long night out partying before a photo shoot IS going to show in your pictures. Get enough sleep to ensure that you look fresh and rested.

Drink Water/Eat Healthy

Healthy food and water nourish your body, skin, hair, and nails.  Again, part of taking care of yourself and showing up at your best for your job.  Passing out from lack of food or dehydration is not professional.

Keep Your Hair Touched Up

Keeping your hair in tip-top shape on a regular schedule is important to be photoshoot-ready. Fresh color, cut, and extensions (if your boutique owner requests them) are part of the beauty maintenance to be ready for work.

Get A Spray Tan

1-2 days before your scheduled photoshoot get a spray tan. Make sure you are going to an experienced spray tan artist who is using a photo-friendly spray tan solution. Go a little darker than you usually would for your color because the lights and possible bright sunlight during the shoot can wash you out.

PRO TIP: Make sure that you are showering off the bronzer BEFORE the photo shoot.

Sunless tanning products have a cosmetic color guide in them.  Basically bronzer.  This can rub off onto clothing and does stain (permanently) some types of fabrics.

Your boutique owner does not want their sample clothing covered in sunless tanning bronzers.  This is unprofessional and costs the boutique owner as they need to have the items cleaned or replaced to be able to use them for additional photo shoots at a later time.

Have Your Nails Done

Always have your nails done in a neutral shade to compliment any clothing. Nude, light tan, pale pink. Fingers and Toes. Chipped polish and broken nails are a NO-NO.

Blue Layne Natural Photoshoot Pose for Girl

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If you are a new boutique clothing model or you need to freshen up your poses try researching natural lifestyle poses on Pinterest and looking at Instagram blogger photos! 😊 then practice your poses in the mirror while listening to Brittney the day before the shoot 😊

Blue Layne Lifestyle Photoshoot Pose for Girl

The Day Of The Photo Shoot:

3 Tips For Looking Like A Professional Boutique Clothing Model

Be Punctual

A boutique fashion photo shoot actually takes a team.  There is the clothing buyer, the model, the photographer, and the beauty team.  If you are late you are not just affecting yourself but everyone on the team. Plan on arriving 15 min early to get yourself touched up and ready to start shooting on time.

Arrive With Your Hair Done

Your boutique owner will let you know if they prefer straight or curled or if you need extensions for volume. Either way, arrive with your hair done unless you have been instructed that there will be a stylist.

Arrive With Your Makeup Done

This can go either way. Some boutique owners want you to do your own makeup.  This means arriving at the photo shoot ready to go with a full face, lashes, bronzer, and highlighter.

There may be a makeup artist as part of the team, if so then arrive with a clean face and that means ALL of your makeup OFF for the makeup artist. No yesterday’s mascara for the makeup artist to have to remove. This delays everyone.

Keep in mind that the shoot may be long with many outfits to shoot, and in that case, even if there is a makeup artist you should be prepared to touch up, and even change your lip color for the outfits you are wearing.

Blue Layne Natural Lifestyle Photoshoot Pose for Girl

What to pack in your model bag or kit for the photo shoot:

Online Boutique Model Bag Essentials

9 Items Professional Boutique Fashion Models Carry In Their Model Kit

Pro Tip: Having a well-organized model bag will make your job so much easier and also let your boutique owner know that you are a professional and take your job seriously.

A well-stocked rolling travel bag makes it easy for you to pack and transport your necessary items to shoots.

Rolling Model Bag Essentials Amazon

Boutique Clothing Model Makeup Kit


HD or photo-friendly foundation, concealer, bronzer, eye palates, liner, mascara, and lips.  You never know when you will need a touch-up or if something will happen with the makeup artist.  Always arrive prepared.


Good fitting regular and strapless bras, in nude and black. Seamless and smooth undergarments are a must. NO lace or bright colors that can easily show through clothing. Nude, white, and black tank tops.

Shoes: Black heels and nude heels (or any other shoes your owner may have requested)

Nude pump for boutique models Amazon
Black pump for boutique models Amazon

Hair Products

Hair spray, brush, bobby pins, elastics, flat iron, curling iron, hair extensions.

Body Products

Clear deodorant (so you are not getting white marks on dark clothing), moisturizer, makeup remover wipes

Bottled Water/Snack

Something lite and healthy to keep you going in case the shoot runs over.

Cell Phone/Charger

Remember to put your cell phone on silent while you are working.


Again ask your boutique owner, but having a few lifestyle accessories on hand is always a good idea.  Sunglasses, a coffee, a purse, jewelry.

***Always ask your boutique owner if there are any specific wardrobe or shoe requirements for the photoshoots***

Photoshoots run on a schedule and you as the model need to be able to move quickly changing outfits (without getting makeup or bronzer on anything) so that you can keep the photographer shooting and not wasting time waiting. The more organized you are the smoother the shoot will run and your boutique owner will view you as a professional team member.

Also if you have a suggestion during the shoot speak up. We won’t turn down suggestions to make our photos look like perfection!!!

I hope this helps when you are getting organized for your next boutique clothing photoshoot.

In the Toledo, OH area, and need to book a spray tan for your next photoshoot? Head over here to learn how to get an appointment with Kathryn.