Are you considering getting a spray tan, but you are a little nervous to actually go through with it? You have heard ALL sorts of crazy stories from your friends.How to choose the best spray tan artist

Spray tans are ORANGE, STREAKY, and BLOTCHY…..

……they smell bad and they are messy.

Or are they?

A few people have told you how WONDERFUL spray tans are. Do they know something the rest of the world doesn’t?

Just possibly!!!!

Your first spray tan can be scary so get a professional spray tan

Getting a professionally applied spray tan can be amazing! Instant color, blended tan lines, pretty glow, tan legs, feeling slimmer, no skin cancer risks, etc.

And has great advantages over the sun when it’s done properly.

That’s the make it or break it though…..when it’s done properly.

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How to choose the best spray tan artist

Here are three things to look for when you are searching for an amazing spray tan artist
1. How long have they been spraying
2. Are they certified
3. Can you see their work

Spray tan experience

How long a spray tan artist has been spraying is VERY important.

Experience and artistic talent don’t happen overnight.  Practicing your craft and continuing to educate yourself on technique only comes with TIME.  I’ve been spraying for 17 amazing years, and I have learned a whole bunch about what to do and NOT to do in that period of time.

I have also experienced special skin conditions, scars from cancer, and spent thousands of hours dealing with women’s body images.  I GET it!

Spray tan certificate

Yes I am certified!!  My spray tan certificate is on the wall in my studio.

What does being certified to do spray tans really mean?

First there are several different ways to get your spray tan certificate:

  • Franchise or distributer: these are the people that you buy your spray tan equipment from (can be online or in person and is normally a one day program).
  • Private training center: this is a hands on program of varying length.
  • Online educator: providing video training.

Want to learn more about getting your own spray tan certificate? Head over to the part of my website that has a listing of available Spray Tan Courses

My spray tan training was a 2 week hands on in person program, that ended with testing and an evaluation of my skills.  I have also invested in additional training over the years to continue to educate myself and learn the latest techniques as well as stay up to date with the newest products on the market.

Mostly because it’s FUN and I love learning new skills.

Events To Spray Tan For:

Spray tan pictures

AND you can see my work here on this website….all the photos used on this site are my amazing and beautiful clients, wearing their beautiful tans! Click here to view the gallery for more photos of my beautiful spray tans.

If you don’t live in Northwest Ohio and can’t make it in for a visit then I hope this post helps you when you are deciding on a sunless tanning artist in your area.

Decided to give airbrush tanning a try? Then hop over here to learn what to do before your spray tan and get the scoops on the do’s and don’ts.

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Spray Tan Business Pros:

Do you have a mobile spray tanning business, home based spray tan business, or are you looking to start one? Then check out my tools of the trade area of this website for help in setting up your own airbrush spray tanning business.

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