We have all seen the posts for the “97 Top Best Self Tanners for {20__ }” and had our anxiety skyrocket because you just want to know what ONE self-tanner is the best so you can buy it and tan your pasty legs.

Digging through 97 different options isn’t helping anyone, and by the time you are done reading through all that, it will be winter again and you STILL won’t know what to buy.

So I am here to tell you about the ONE best self-tanning mousse that I love as a spray tan professional and recommend to my clients and sell in my shop.

One and done. You’re welcome.

best self tanning mousse rose gold sunless

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The One Best Self-Tanning Mousse

Many of you have been following along as Samantha from Blue Layne Boutique and I launched a new company called Rose Gold Sunless. We saw a desperate need for a high-quality luxury self-tanning line. That addressed the concerns that many of you had with the sunless products that are currently on the market but also solved some real-life issues that as professionals we were having with what was available to purchase.

Problems with self-tanner

I had girls coming into the spray tan studio with patchy streaking orange self-tanner they had applied at home and Sam was running into a messy bronzer that was rubbing onto her boutique clothing and ashy colors that looked horrible in her boutique model photos. Something had to be done!

After trying 97 different self-tanning products (LOL–see what I did there), we decided we were just going to have to make our own. Besides the little problem of not being able to see our countertops in our bathrooms because they were covered in self tanner bottles.

After a long journey of trial and error, we launched our first baby, the Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse!!! We are in love with it! It solves all our self-tanner complaints and you girls are LOVING it too which makes us so so happy!!!

Where to buy Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse

Just click the button below to order your very own bottle and we will get that shipped right out to you.

Boutique And Shop Owners:

If you are a spray tan professional, boutique owner or salon professional that would like to carry our self-tanner in your salon/spa or studio? Just email rosegoldsunless@gmail.com and we will get you set up with a vendor account.

Best Boutique Self Tanning Mousse

I have been keeping track of all of your questions and comments. We are definitely listening and we want to take a few minutes to answer them!

First I would like to say how sweet and helpful everyone has been in the Blue Layne Boutique VIP FB Group where we first launched the mousse. When it comes to jumping in and offering suggestions to those of you who are new to sunless tanning on how to get the best results with the Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse y’all are amazing. What a great group of ladies!!!!

Thank you for being a great community of uplifting women and for all your feedback and support. We sold out of the mousse 5 times already and had to restock. But don’t worry there is a waitlist you can sign up with should we sell out again and you will be notified when the fresh shipment arrives!

You really really like this mousse!

Here are some of our favorite comments about our Rose Gold Mousse:

  • This stuff is amazing!–T.L.
  • My favorite tanner!—B.A.
  • Best self-tanner I have ever used!—A.S.
  • Very easy to use!–A.D.
  • I love this stuff!—K.S.
  • Gives me great even color and doesn’t stink!—J.K.
  • Dries super quickly!—A.S.
  • My boyfriend likes how it smells!–K.M.

Best Way To Self Tan

If you have never used a sunless tanner before then I am here to help you get the BEST outcome whether you are getting a spray tan or you are using an at-home self-tanning product.

There are some great self-tanning tips and tricks below, and once you know what they are you will be a sunless tanning expert in no time!!!

Let’s go over why we think Rose Gold is the Best Self-Tanning Mousse and why we hope you will too!

Self Tan FAQ

About Rose Gold Vegan Self Tanner

As a spray tan professional, I work with sunless tanning products daily.  Spray tan solution, self-tanning lotions, mousses and sprays and I have to say that sunless tanning products can be all over the place:

  • in quality
  • finished look (it has to look amazing, right?)
  • ease of application (if I struggle to put it on then you for sure are going to struggle, after all this is what I do all day)

Sunless tanning suppliers are frequently sending me samples hoping I will like their products.  Clients are constantly asking me what at-home products I like and at the end of the day, very few are on my shortlist of go-to self-tanning products that I recommend to my customers.

For me to recommend a product, a self-tanner needs to look amazing=natural color, be easy to apply=I can’t be there to do it for you, fade evenly and not smell horrible.

The Rose Gold Mousse hits all these requirements.

So let’s go over the list of questions asked in the group and at my studio about the Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse and the best way to use it.

How will the Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse look on my skin?

This is the number 1 thing that we need to be concerned with. HOW is it going to look?

I have seen any number of colors of sunless bases that don’t sit on the skin in a flattering way.

No one wants to look like they have a spray tan or a self-tan, you want the most natural-looking tan for your skin.

The Rose Gold Mousse has a slightly greenish-brown base, which is the perfect complement for all skin tones. The green base helps neutralize pink undertones making it the best tanning mousse for fair skin and provides an olive bronze for darker skin tones, all without any hint of orange.

How dark is the Rose Gold self-tanner?

As light or as dark as YOU want it to be.

Rose Gold Self-Tanner is a buildable mousse.  You control the intensity of your Rose Gold Tan by how much mousse you apply to your skin and how long you leave the mousse on before showering.

In the shower the light bronzer will rinse away leaving your beautiful sunless tan underneath, don’t panic when you see this happen, the bronzer is supposed to wash off so it doesn’t get on any clothing AFTER your shower.

How to choose how dark your tan is:

  • For a pretty glow add a light layer of mousse and wash off in 1-3 hours.
  • For a bronzed tropical tan add an additional layer and wait to wash for 6-8 hours or leave on overnight.
  • Want more color? Add another coat the next day. It’s really up to your preference.

Is Rose Gold fake tan tested on animals?

No way, we love animals and do not test our products on them. Rose Gold is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Vegan Self Tanner

How many applications can I get from one bottle of the Rose Gold tan?

This depends on how much product you use. This mousse is concentrated and a little goes a long way. Are you doing full-body tans or just your legs?  There are approximately 6 ish full body tans per bottle.

How does the Rose Gold tan smell?

The Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse tan is very softly scented and when dry has almost a powdery smell. High-quality ingredients including the DHA means the Rose Gold tan doesn’t have that fake tan smell that comes with most self-tanning products.

How should I store my Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse?

Rose Gold Self Tanner is made in small batches; at the warehouse, it is kept cool (heat destroys sunless tanning products) and shipped quickly so you are always assured to get the freshest product. When you get your Rose Gold Mousse you should keep it in a cool dry place away from heat sources and humidity<–read don’t store it in your bathroom.

Purchasing information below.

How To Apply Self Tanner

Best Way To Self-Tan With Rose Gold

When we first had the idea to make a self tanning mousse we loved we ran out and bought what seemed like a million different kinds of sunless tanning products. We also grabbed tanning mitts.

We quickly learned that your tanning applicator can make a HUGE difference in how your self tan turns out. So many mitts on the market were too soft and bunched up leaving weird streaks in our tanning products. Or were NOT lined and we ended up with crazy hands after applying our tanner. Some of the mitts even fell apart after one or two uses. We wanted a really nice long lasting self tanning mitt to go with our Rose Gold formula.

To get a smooth even blended tan we recommend using a good quality sunless tanning mitt for a streak-free application. Bonus points for being lined to protect your palms from getting bronzed in the process. We think this one is the best one on the market.

Best Self Tanning Mitt

We love these premium double-sided lined mitts which have a plush velvet feel and can be washed under warm soapy water and reused again and again! We have had ours for over a year and they are just like new. Hand wash and slip over your Rose Gold Mousse bottle to dry after using.

Contour Brush For Face And Body

These body contour brushes are life-changing when it comes to blending your self-tanner and getting the perfect fade in difficult areas such as your hands, face, and feet.

Best Instant Self Tanner

There is a bronze instant color guide in the mousse that helps you see where you are applying your tan. This helps you keep your tan streak-free and blended as you are smoothing it into your skin. It also gives you an immediate glow!

After exfoliating and showering, lightly moisturize any dry areas of the body with an unscented lotion, and apply the tanning mousse in gentle circular motions using the mitt, starting in the center of your leg or arm and working out toward the elbows, hands, knees, and feet. Then blend lightly over your knees and elbows with what is left on the mitt. Work in sections buffing the mousse into your skin as you go.

Hands and feet—less is more here.  Lightly apply a tiny amount of the Rose Gold Mousse to tops of hands and feet and blend out to the sides for a professional look. Careful around the wrists and back of ankles!

Let it dry and wait for the desired amount of time before showering.

Best Skin Prep for a Rose Gold Tan

What to do before self-tanning

Your goal with any sunless tanning application is to start with clean dry skin!

Exfoliate: Your sunless tan lives in the top few layers of your skin so it’s important to remove any dry patchy skin and create a fresh smooth canvas for your tan to last as long as possible. I recommend gently exfoliating 2 times in the 2 days before you plan on tanning. Notice I said “gently” we are not asking you to remove 6 layers of skin. And red rashy skin from over scrubbing is never cute.  Use a gentle exfoliating towel or poof and a mild soap or shower wash.

Hair removal: It’s best to do all your shaving, waxing and hair removing creams and bleaches 24-48 hours before you plan to self-tan so that you do not remove your tan or create uneven area during the hair removal. You want pores to close after shaving or waxing and skin to calm down after any chemical hair removal processes. Check out my post on shaving after a spray tan here.

Clean skin: Clean dry skin with no product residue is best before sunless tanning. Make sure you have removed all traces of deodorant, perfume, and lotion from your skin. These things can block the tan creating uneven areas if left on your skin before your Rose Gold Mousse is applied. Again a mild soap or shower wash works perfectly here. Wondering what to wash with before and after your sunless tan?

Moisturize: Sunless tans will stick to dry patchy areas of skin, so hydrated and moisturized skin will help with an even glow. I recommend moisturizing daily with a mild and unscented lotion. Here are the best lotion for after sunless tanning.

How do I apply the Rose Gold Self Tanner on my hands, elbows, knees, and feet?

To avoid any unwanted tan build up in dry areas like hands, elbows, knees, ankle, and feet I recommend using an unscented lotion lightly on any dry areas before applying your Rose Gold tan on these areas, and then blend lightly. This makes sure the mousse doesn’t absorb into the dry skin and you get an even tan. Also, the skin on your hands and feet tends to grab the tanning product so just use a tiny bit and blend well.

Applying Rose Gold self-tan on my face

Rose Gold self-tan is safe to use on your face. For a softer glow mix a bit of the mousse with your daily facial moisturizer and apply with a brush or beauty blender for the smoothest application. Careful around the hairline and eyebrows that you blend lightly and don’t over-apply the product.

Best Brush To Apply Self Tanner Kabuki Brush

Shop this self-tanner brush on Amazon

This Kabuki brush is the best for applying sunless tanner to your face or body. It contours and blends for a flawless look! And it matches the Rose Gold packaging. Bonus points for coordination;)

Best Beauty Blender For Self-Tanning

Shop this beauty blender on Amazon

A beauty blender is a must-have for all makeup application and it works great for blending sunless tanners too. Gently get into those tiny areas near your nose and hairline without getting too much product on your skin.

How long do I leave the Rose Gold tan on before showering?

This depends on what sort of tan you would like to achieve.

  • 1-3 hours for a light tan
  • 3-6 hours for a medium tan
  • 6-8 hours or overnight for a dark tan.

Pro Tip: Rinse off before going to the gym so your tan does not become streaky.

Purchasing information below.

Extending your Self Tan

How long will my Rose Gold self-tan last?

The length of time a sunless tan lasts depends on how you are taking care of it, your skin type and your lifestyle.

The Rose Gold tan will last approximately a week when taken care of.  Gentle soap or shower wash. Unscented lotion and warm not hot showers. When it starts to fade just exfoliate and add another layer to bump your color up again.

Can I swim once I have applied my Rose Gold Self Tan Mousse?

Yes, you can swim, AFTER you have let your sunless tan set in, develop and you have rinsed the bronzer off. However, hanging out in the water for extended periods of time will fade your tan faster.

Wondering how to get the best spray tan for your vacation? Check out all my pro tips.

Does the Rose Gold self-tan protect me from the sun?

Absolutely NOT, sunless tanners are not sunscreens and they are not base tans.  You look like you are tan but you are not. Please use a good SPF on top of your fake tan when your skin is exposed to the sun.

Here are my favorite sunscreens safe for your sunless tan.

What is the best way to extend my Rose Gold fake tan for as long as possible?

Simple steps to help you extend your self-tan as long as possible:

  • Shave or wax BEFORE you apply your tan not after
  • Stay out of the hot tub, sauna, or steam room
  • Don’t exfoliate till you are ready to reapply your Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse
  • Avoid excessive sweating
  • Limit your time in the shower, or swimming
  • Use a gentle soap or shower wash to cleanse your skin
  • Don’t use harsh skincare products that contain Retin-A, Acne Treatments, Glycolic, AHA’s or Anti-Aging Treatments

Does the Rose Gold self-tan fade evenly?

Yes, as long as your skin is in good condition and you are using “sunless tanning safe” beauty products with your self-tan. As your skin exfoliates the Rose Gold tan will naturally fade a little bit every day. After 5-7 days, your sunless tan can be exfoliated off in the shower using warm water and an exfoliating glove or scrub.

Should I Use A Self-Tanner?

I have sensitive skin or eczema, should I do a patch/skin test before using the Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse?

If you know you have allergies or sensitive skin then a patch test can’t hurt. I do these at the spray tan studio for clients as well.  Just apply a bit of the self-tanning mousse to the inside of your elbow or back of your knee and let it sit for 24 hours to make sure nothing bothers you. The Rose Gold tan is infused with skin nourishing oils and ingredients so it is gentle for sensitive skin.

Is the Rose Gold fake tan safe to use if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Generally speaking, sunless tanning products are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding–please avoid the girls if you’re nursing or close to delivery. We don’t want sunless tanner on our baby!  And we always recommend you ask your OB what they suggest.

Best tips and tricks for safely nursing your baby with a spray tan.

The One Best Self-Tanning Mousse

Well, there you have my complete list of all the questions that we have been asked about the Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse.

So now you know ALL about how self-tanners work and you can SHARE this post with your friends when they have questions.

My webpage is a great sunless tanning resource for anyone who needs advice no matter where they live. And I am always adding new information when it comes out.  And you know I am always happy to help a pale girl get a glow 😉

We know you are going to love this sunless tanner and think it’s the BEST self-tanning mousse too!!

Ready to grab your own bottle of Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse!!!

Where to buy Rose Gold:

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Boutique And Shop Owners:

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