First Spray Tan

What to expect when getting your first spray tan.

How to get an appointment for a spray tan with Kathryn feature image

Scheduling Your Spray Tan With Kathryn: I go over the spray tan basics at the beginning of each year to get everyone up to speed with my Spray Tan Rules. Y’all know how I LOVE the rules!!! Within this post there may be affiliate links to products I am referring to. If you purchase a […] Read more…

3 tips to choose the best spray tan artist


Are you considering getting a spray tan, but you are a little nervous to actually go through with it? You have heard ALL sorts of crazy stories from your friends. Spray tans are ORANGE, STREAKY, and BLOTCHY….. ……they smell bad and they are messy. Or are they? A few people have told you how WONDERFUL spray […] Read more…