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Today we are going to review the MaxiMist Pro TNT Spray Tanning System!

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Review of the MaxiMist Pro TNT Spray Tanning System:

MaxiMist Spray Tan Machine

I purchased the MaxiMist Pro TNT machine after I blew up my first Fuji system.

If you haven’t read that review you can find it here.

The TNT was purchased quickly without much research. I just needed a spray tan machine that was a durable back up system while I waited on my new replacement Fuji to arrive and the MaxiMist Pro TNT was rated for heavy use and the price was reasonable, so I went for it.

I was using my current back up system the MaxiMist Evolution Pro in the mean time while I waited for my package.

Have you noticed the trickle down effect here?

As you upgrade your spray tan equipment the older models take the backseat position.  This gives you a nice safety net in case something goes wrong with a piece of equipment so that you don’t have to interrupt your spray tan schedule, inconvenience your clients and lose money when you can’t work because of an equipment failure.


My Spray Tan Machine Stopped Working

I finally blew up the MaxiMist Pro TNT Spray Tan System.  It was a sad day indeed but these things do eventually happen.  I thought you might like to know the details leading up to the final equipment failure to factor into making your decision making.

The MaxiMist Pro TNT lasted 2 1/2 years.  And I cranked out thousands of tans during this time with this spray tan machine. I definitely stand by my opinion that this machine is a workhorse.

Spring finally came to Ohio and the weather has warmed up.  With this comes the humidity and I noticed the turbine starting to struggle.  Spring is a common time for my spray tan equipment to fail.  I do think it’s the humidity combined with the increase in workload for spring break and prom.

The timing could be different where you live but environmental factors do impact your spray tan equipment and spray tan solution so keep this in mind when things go wrong.

First I noticed a slight change in the sound of the machine when I would turn it on. Just a slightly off pitch to its normal whine. Then after a week or so of it sounding funny, before the machine had warmed up it would slow down and dip in power.  I knew we were getting close to the end.

I have a back up MaxiMist Pro TNT at home so I brought that to the studio so I was prepared when the inevitable failure happened. Keep in mind that I am currently in the middle of prom season and have NO TIME for my spray tan equipment to be down.

I limped along for a couple more weeks knowing at any moment it could be the last tan and then it happened.  I turned off the machine in between tans and when my next client came it just wouldn’t turn on again.  She was gone just like that.

Luckily I had my back up machine standing by and it was a smooth transition to power up and continue my spray day.

The MaxiMist Pro TNT is still one of my top picks for a great reliable spray tan system.  Keep reading to get all the details.

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Spray Tan Equipment Overview:

The MaxiMist Pro TNT has a great compact design, allowing your hose, gun, supplies and accessories to be packed inside the case for easy transport. I like that part.  One box with a handle to hold everything? Perfect.  The machine itself is on the larger side (24x14x15) although lightweight because the housing is plastic.

I think that the best feature of the MaxiMist Pro TNT spray tanning system is its power.  Rated for 40+ tans a day this spray tan machine is a powerhouse. I have had this machine for two years and definitely put it thru the paces and it just keeps delivering on the tans.  A+ for reliability.

Spray Tan Gun

The spray tan gun that comes with this unit is adequate.  It delivers a decent tan and I would say that it is beginner friendly.

My complaint about the gun is lack of the ability to do detail work and the fact that it is VERY bulky.  You have to be aware of your body positioning and where the hose is at all times so that you can complete even full spraying strokes and not bump into your body or have the hose interfere with your spray routine.

The extra level of concentration that this requires is a little annoying.

The MaxiMist Pro TNT spray tan system is easy to set up, comes with 3 spray heads and the hose/gun connection unit. The hose is heavy and solid.  This is good for not crimping and breaking but it can be a bit unruly when you are spraying. The hose connects securely to the turbine with a clip in feature and the other end of the hose has a handle unit with power on/off switch and spray speed control.

There is another power switch near where the hose connects to the unit, don’t panic if the unit doesn’t turn on initially. It’s NOT broken.  You have to make sure that both power switches are set to ON. After that you can just use one or the other to power off and on.

The handle end of the hose connects to the spray head for spraying and then you can remove the spray head and use the handle for drying your client.

The idea is a novel one, but the use of it is a bit awkward.

The handle unit and hose combination make for a strain on your wrist.  I usually end up needing to use 2 hands.  One to support the hose and take some of the weight off and the other to hold the handle to dry my client.

At the end of a long spray day my wrists and forearms are definitely feeling it.

I do enjoy that this spray unit is QUIET!!!! Your ears will be thanking you at the end of the day.

Spray Tan Equipment Style:

The MaxiMist Pro TNT is a salon or studio system.

I appreciate the enclosed box design making it easy to wipe any spray tan solution overspray off to keep it clean. The filter is located inside the case and easily removed for nightly rinsing. There is a recessed handle on the top of the case the hose length is 11.5 ft. and the unit weighs in at 22 lbs.

The plastic spray heads are easy to clean.  I like the flat bottom design. I can easily set them down after I have disconnected them from the spray head.  The connect/disconnect is super easy.  Just a little lever that you release the spray head with, a twist and it pops right off.

Spray Tan Equipment Durability:

This spray tan machine is a workhorse!  No issues at all with the turbine and it sprays even my thickest spray tan solution. Definitely a well-made machine.

Spray Tan Gun Features:

The MaxiMist Pro TNT comes with 3 spray heads that connect into the hose handle unit.  This is a different design set up than the other spray tan equipment that I have used where it is a separate spray tan gun that connects to the hose.

I have each of the spray heads loaded with different spray tan solutions. This allows for easy switching between clients without rinsing out spray cups.

The spray heads that comes with the MaxiMist Pro TNT spray tanning machine are lightweight and made of a plastic with non-stick needle to prevent corrosion and clogging.  I have had ZERO issues with clogging or spitting with the spray heads.

For general spraying the spray heads provide a decent tan.  They are a bit awkward for attempting detail work and the overspray with this unit is definitely more.  More overspray=more cleaning. I have played with the settings on the gun head and just can’t seem to find that sweet spot where the overspray is minimal.

The hose connection is on the back of the spray handle unit.  If you have read any of my other reviews you know that I am a fan of this set up.

The only issue is that the hose is very heavy.  It pulls downward making my wrist and forearm strain to keep the spray head level. By the end of the day my arm is tired and my wrist is sore.

Remember I have a high volume shop so many sunless tans a day are happening in my spray tan room.  If you are not spraying as many people the wrist/arm fatigue may not be a problem for you.

The spray speed on the MaxiMist Pro TNT Spray Head is adjustable. You can slow down or open up the spray speed easily.  This allows you to set your spray tan solution flow to the speed that suits your style and level of skill.  The fan speed is adjustable on the handle unit.

For entry level spray tan artists, a slower spray speed is preferable until you get your spraying routine down.

Spray Tan Equipment Warranty:

The MaxiMist Pro TNT spray tanning system comes with a 24 month warranty on the motor.


My MaxiMist Pro TNT is a great addition to my spray tan equipment line up.  It is dependable and I know that no matter what spray tan solution I am using (thick or thin) this spray tan machine will be able to handle it.

The TNT spray tan system is reasonably priced making it a good option if you find yourself with an increase in demand for appointments and are still using a lower power unit that can’t handle the increase in volume.

Features and Specifications:

  • Classic black case
  • Encased box with onboard storage design
  • 3 TNT spray heads
  • 570 watt variable speed 2 stage turbine
  • DB 56
  • 5 ft Hose with control head
  • 24 month warranty on motor
  • Rated for salon use 40+ daily

Kathryn’s Final Thoughts on the MaxiMist Pro TNT:

  • General Spraying Decent
  • TNT Spray Head Detail Work Poor
  • Overspray Medium
  • Noise Level Low
  • Reliability Excellent

Please keep in mind that I am NOT a spray tan equipment distributor.  I am NOT trying to sell you on any brand. This is how I evaluate each piece of equipment before I purchase it and bring it onboard into my busy sunless tanning business.  Equipment, solution and retail products that are listed come with my personal opinion as a spray tan business owner.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  You must evaluate what is going to work best for your business.

As a small business owner, I can’t stock all the amazing products that are available in the world of sunless tanning.  But I can give you my professional opinion.

Spray Tan Business Pros:

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