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A section of my blog where I review what spray tan equipment I currently use or have used in the past in my spray tan business. I give you my professional opinion as a working spray tan artist in a high volume shop. The features I like or don’t like.

I hope that these reviews will help you in your search for the best spray tan equipment for your business, giving you a system that you can work off of for all future shopping.

And because shopping for new toys is FUN!

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How To Start A Spray Tan Business

If you are just starting your spray tan business and are not sure what spray tan equipment you need or what features you are shopping for, no worries, I have you covered.

Start here on my How to choose the best spray tan equipment page where I walk you through EXACTLY what features you should be looking for in your new spray tan equipment.

This will get you up to speed on how the basics work and then you will have the confidence to make an educated choice.

Then check out my spray tan equipment reviews:

Review of the MaxiMist Evolution Pro Spray Tan Kit

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MaxiMist Evolution Pro:

This is the second HVLP style spray tan machine that I purchased when my spray tan business really started to take off.

I had finally blown my first HVLP compressor the MaxiMist SprayMate Pro by overusing it, as my client load had exceeded the recommended level of 5-10 spray tans per day. Do this a few too many times and your system will eventually fail you and stop working.  Usually mid spray tan. And when a compressor seizes it can make some pretty interesting noises and smoke. NOT a good day in the spray room.

An upgrade needed to happen and fast. Since I was familiar with the MaxiMist line of spray tan equipment I chose to go with them again.

I ordered the MaxiMist Evolution Pro and another MaxiMist SprayMate Pro as my back up system.  I wasn’t going to be left without a way to do tans while I waited on equipment to ship again.

Want to see what I think about the MaxiMist SprayMate Pro then click here to read about it.

MaxiMist Evolution Pro Overview:

The MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP Spray Tanning System was the perfect upgrade for my busy spray tan studio. Good for beginner or experienced spray tan artists. The set-up is the same as with the SprayMate Pro just connect the hose to the HVLP compressor and the spray gun to the hose and within minutes you are assembled for your first spray tan.

The Pro Series Spray Gun, which is a favorite of mine, is already set up with the proper tip and needle assembly allowing you to get spraying immediately.

MaxiMist Evolution Pro Style:

MaxiMist follows traditional spray tan machine design, this upgraded unit is compact and lightweight at 8 lbs. The aluminum Pro Series Spray Gun is professional-looking, easy to clean and provides minimal overspray.

MaxiMist Evolution Pro Durability:

The MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP Spray Tanning System is strong and well-manufactured. It is quieter than my previous equipment was, thankfully as I spend most of the day with it running.

I have used this spray tanning machine for years in my business and it has provided me with many perfect spray tans. This machine is rated for 25+ tans a day.  My business continued to grow and I did outgrow this spray tan machine as well.  My next purchase was the Fuji 2150 Salon System. I will do a review on this soon.

MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP Spray Gun Features:

The MaxiMist SprayMate Pro and the MaxiMist Evolution Pro both use the same Pro Series Spray Tan Gun!  Whoo Hoo! This spray gun is my little workhorse and I love that I can use it on both my spray tan studio set up and in my home studio without having to carry the compressor back and forth.

The Pro-Gun has a much smoother spray pattern than many of the basic model guns on the market and makes spraying on a tan easy and contouring and detail work a snap. The Pro-Gun also has less overspray than the basic gun options.

In my opinion, this is HUGE!  Less mess for me to clean up daily.

The spray cup fills easily and the directional spray pattern is equally easy to change to suit your spray preferences.

The spray speed on the Pro-Gun is adjustable allowing you to set your spray tan solution flow to the speed that suits your style and level of skill. For entry-level spray tan artists, a slower spray speed is preferable until you get your spraying routine down, making it a great spray tanning machine for beginners and pros.

MaxiMist Evolution Pro Warranty:

The MaxiMist Evolution Pro comes with a 1 year turbine warranty.


Reliable spray tan equipment is the most important part of my business, which is the reason why I love this spray tan machine.  It just keeps spraying. Having used the MaxiMist Evolution Pro for years in my spray tan business, I have defiantly gotten my money’s worth out of this HVLP spray tan machine.

Through the years I have upgraded my back up equipment to include this compressor for its reliability. I have also had no problems with this spray tan system being able to spray all of the solutions that I use in my spray tan business.  I use a variety of different solutions that range from very thin consistency to a thicker feel and with a quick readjustment of the spray gun settings, the Evolution Pro sprays them all flawlessly.

Features and Specifications

  • Classic black finish
  • Compact design
  • Pro Spray Gun
  • 570 Watt Variable Speed 2 Stage Turbine
  • DB 53
  • 11.5 ft Hose
  • 1-year warranty on turbine
  • Rated for medium use 25+ tans a day

Kathryn’s Final Thoughts on the MaxiMist Evolution Pro:

  • General Spraying Excellent
  • Pro Spray Gun Detail Work Excellent
  • Overspray Low
  • Noise Level Medium
  • Reliability Excellent

Please keep in mind that I am NOT a spray tan equipment distributor nor am I trying to sell you on any brand. This is how I evaluate each piece of equipment before I purchase it and bring it onboard into my busy sunless tanning business.  Equipment, solution and retail products that are listed come with my personal opinion as a spray tan business owner: the good, the bad and the ugly.  You must evaluate what is going to work best for your business.

As a small business owner, I can’t stock all the amazing products that are available in the world of sunless tanning but I can give you my professional opinion.

Spray Tan Business Pros:

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