I’ve had a few questions recently in my Sunless Essentials FB Group asking if now is a good time to start a spray tan business or if it’s too late to get into it.

From someone who is actively working in the industry as a spray tan artist let me share my thoughts on this.

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The Opportunity To Meet People

I have spent the past 20 years building an amazing spray tan business with really great clients. Many have turned into very good friends.

It’s like we are a family keeping up with each other’s lives, celebrating the wins and supporting one another during the hard times.

That is how my business FEELS to me.

So to say that I LOVE what I do is putting it mildly.

But you may be wondering if now is a good time to start a NEW spray tan business.

Let me share with you what I am seeing in the sunless tanning industry.

Is A Spray Tan Business Profitable?

A Spray Tan Business Has Great Income Potential

My spray tan business is what supports my family. My husband is retired and I am the main breadwinner in our house.

Depending on how much money you need/want to make you can create your own personal level of income and “give yourself a raise” when you want to by doing more tans or adding in some retail products for additional income.

That’s one of the great things about a spray tan business. You can work as much or as little as you want.

My spray tan business grew slowly with my kids and when they were small I worked from home around their school schedule.

At a certain point when the kids got older, I did some advertising and kicked my business income up a level.

As the kids grew my business grew and it is now a great full-time profitable income that supports my family.

Which leads me to the next great thing about owning your own spray tan business.

Flexible Schedule

My spray tan business offers me flexibility with my scheduling.

Not to brag but offer a solid example, I took a 6-week vacation this past year.

I went during the slow part of the spray tan season so no one missed me and I came back before the Holidays and walked right back into my scheduled appointments.

I am VERY aware that not everyone can step out of their busy lives for 6 weeks but my children are all grown now and this webpage is a very integral part of my business so I used much of that time to write and update the information here to keep it all fresh and relevant.

The flexible schedule my spray tan business has also allowed me to work around my kiddos when they were still home, attend their school events and still make a great income.

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Spray Tan Business?

Minimal Start-Up Cost

A spray tan business can be started for less than $2000.

Your basic equipment and supplies plus your training is very reasonable cost considering you are starting a business and it’s fast to make your initial investment back and start creating a profit.

I started my business from home and upgraded my equipment and training as my clientele grew.

I added specialties when I was ready and built my business on a solid foundation.

It worked great and I never had to outlay a large amount of money without knowing upfront when that would be and I could plan ahead.

Earn Anywhere

As I mentioned already you can work anywhere! My business has been home-based, mobile, studio, and I have traveled with my equipment to on-location modeling shoots and fitness events.

Really the options are endless.

Is It Too Late To Start A Spray Tan Business?

Sunless Tanning Is A Growing Industry

Absolutely NOT!

While it may seem like everyone is starting a spray tan business nowadays, for many people, it’s just a side hustle or something they do for their friends and family. Running your spray tan gig as a BUSINESS takes dedication and focus to make a living with it. And only you know how much effort you want to put in.

There will always be new people needing a spray tan. Little girls will grow up, go to prom, get married and attend their friends’ weddings.

It’s the circle of life and new clients are born every day!

Connect With Your Ideal Spray Tan Clients

People are going to connect with you personally and your business in different ways. 

You will find the people who match up with you and your style. How you like to spray and the events that you love spraying for.

These are your ideal clients but I like to call them your BFF clients.

I look at it like this, how many hairstylists do you have in your town?

LOTS right!

Some stylists love color treatments, others love curly hair, and others love bridal up do’s.

They are all busy and they are all doing what they love with the people they love.


There are only so many appointment times in your schedule and you cannot spray everyone and neither can I.

There is room for everyone.

The Sunless Tanning Industry Is Growing

More and more people are turning to sunless tanning as a way to get themselves a pretty glow for special events and everyday color.

The research is pointing to 4.9% annual growth in the sunless industry.

We are becoming more educated on sun safety and skin cancer risks.

Spray tanning no longer has a negative association with being ORANGE that it once did.

And many dermatologists are recommending that their patients get a spray tan and wear their sunblock.

I think it’s the PERFECT time to start a spray tan business!

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