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You scheduled your sunless tanning appointment (high five on planning ahead) and today is the day. As you hop into the shower before your tan you think “does it matter what I wash with?”
Answer is YES!!!!!

It absolutely matters what products you wash with BEFORE and AFTER your spray tan.

Many shower products contain oil, wax, and moisturizers that will coat your skin not allowing your tan to soak in evenly.
This can result in a blotchy, streaky, uneven color. YUCK, no one wants that.

Other bath products contain harsh detergents, salicylic acid, exfoliating beads, fragrances and dyes.
This can result in stripping your color off after your tan in an unattractive way

GOAL: a smooth even tan that lasts for as long as possible.

So what do I wash with?

Think gentle and mild. Think natural. Think simple.

MY FAVORITES are Cetaphil, Shea Moisture, and Dove Sensitive Skin

Right now I’m obsessed with the Shea Moisture line. Lots of yummy natural scents that don’t hurt my spray tan and bonus since I have super dry skin they don’t make me itchy and uncomfortable. Just smooth soft skins and a beautiful tan!
Lavender is my favorite before bed

Super Fruit is my AM go to             

Hope this post was helpful and I created a shopping guide for you to check out what other products that I have tried and are spray tan safe!

As a small business owner I can’t stock all the amazing products that are available in the world of sunless tanning but I can give you my professional opinion.  Shopping through my links is greatly appreciated and helps me continue to spread my message of skin safety!



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