Let’s talk about websites for a minute. Small businesses websites. SPRAY TAN websites. Specifically why your spray tan business NEEDS a blog.

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Where do you go to get information, directions, phone numbers, reviews, etc.

The internet, right?

We Google. We ask Siri

The internet is our encyclopedia, our map, phonebook, and our best friends thoughts on well, everything from what food is tasty to where to go to get say…..a spray tan.

So if your spray tan business doesn’t have a website then HOW will your customers call you, find you, or know if you are amazing?

You say you have FB, or Instagram or Snap Chat.  I hear you, I do.  I use social media too, BUT.

And this is a very BIG but……

You don’t own ANYTHING on social media,

The social media gods can change the rules at anytime, they can take it away whenever they want and your people can run from one platform to the next, keeping you chasing them instead of your people knowing where your business lives on the internet. Oh and did you know that it is against FaceBooks TOS (terms of service) to use your personal account for business?  And that FaceBook routinely shuts down accounts that are breaking the rules? They do.

Well that sucks. Yes it does.

Ok so you will get one of the FREE business webpages and pop that up and it will take care of all your needs.

Not so much.

The FREE business webpages come with a whole other host of issues. Namely not being found when someone types in a search to Google or asks Siri. The getting found part is NOT free.

Ok so if that won’t work, what’s a smart business girl to do?

Every small business should have a WordPress website!

When I first started out, I had a “webbuilder” website from GoDaddy. It is GoDaddy’s version of a drag and drop, template style website builder.  It was very basic and was an information only website. I built it myself.  4-5 pages with my contact info, what I did and some instructions.  It worked ok, mostly because there weren’t any other spray tan businesses with a webpage out there. So I floated along with my little spray tan business and a few people found my webpage and me and they got a spray tan and we were happy.

And then a couple other spray tan businesses opened in my town and their websites started popping up on the internet searches.

Uh Oh, competition.

Time to up my digital game! So I spiffed up my webpage and gave her a little makeover and that helped, for a minute.  But I knew I was going to need to get serious about my web presence and fast.

But I didn’t want to spend a ton of money.

I started doing a little research and found out about WordPress and blogging and how for a small businesses it is a game changer.  And you know what, IT IS!!!

Since upgrading my website my traffic is higher, more people are finding me and I am providing more service to my clients with all the info that I can just pop on to the internet with my webpage.

And it’s so EASY!

And really inexpensive.  In fact it was less than what I was paying GoDaddy for that clunky webbuilder service. (que the angels singing)

Why WordPress is the Best for Small Businesses

Basically it gives me a voice so I can talk to you.  My client, my customer, my friend. I can let you know what is happening at the shop, what lotion I like and give you my opinion on the latest sunless tanning product to hit the shelves this season! And unlike social media my blog posts live forever.  I do not have time to play on social media all day posting again and again in hope that my followers see what I have to say.  I have spray tans to do.

How to Start a WordPress Website

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

Sign up for hosting, install WordPress, pick a theme.

I promise it’s easy!

  • I use SiteGround for my hosting. Right now their packages are 60% off thru my affiliate link and start at just $3.95 a month!
  • SiteGround will install WordPress onto your domain for you if you want them to or you can do it yourself with 1 click. Told you it was easy.
  • Then you just have to pick a pretty theme I use BluChic for my themes.

There you go, then you just add in the info you want to share with your customers, some pretty pictures and it’s a webpage.

And my web developer guru loves it because I don’t drive her crazy with 10 million requests for website changes.  Because I can do it myself.

Oh and if you get so inclined to write a little something about your spray tan business it’s super easy to pop up a blog post and shout your message to the world! Then don’t forget to share it on your social media 😉

Just getting started with your spray tan business? Check out my equipment reviews to see how I choose the equipment I use at the shop.

As a small business owner I can’t stock all the amazing products that are available in the world of sunless tanning but I can give you my professional opinion.

Love and Sunshine Kathryn Signature

Sunless Tanning Pros:

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