Spray Tan Tips For A Beautiful Airbrush Tan

1.  BEFORE YOUR SPRAY TAN: Shower, shave and exfoliate using a loofa with a foaming bath gel.  No packaged exfoliating scrubs, most contain oils that will leave your airbrush tan blotchy.  Pay special attention to knees, elbows and ankles these areas tend to have dry skin buildup.  Skip the lotion after your shower.

2.  DURING YOUR SPRAY TAN: Wear dark colored or old undergarments to tan in.  Disposable undergarments are always available if you prefer.  Topless is ok, MUST wear bottoms–use your comfort level as your guide.  Loose fitting clothing to go home in, scrubs, work out clothing, etc.  No jeans or tight fitting shirts–this will make your spray tan blotchy.

3.  AFTER YOUR SPRAY TAN: Stay dry for 8-10 hours.  Anything that exfoliates your skin exfoliates your spray tan including facial scrubs, waxing, band-aids and nail polish remover. Use sulfate FREE shower gel and fragrance free lotions to keep your tan beautiful for as long as possible.

MOISTURIZE with alcohol free lotions to keep your Sun Spray tan beautiful as long as possible.

Check out my shopping guide for recommendations on what products are sunless tan safe.

You have NO sun protection with any Airbrush Tan Please wear your sunblock!!

Fresh airbrush tanning solution will stain nylon, silk, wool and leather.

Events To Spray Tan For: