self tanning dry oil review

Best Dry Oil Self Tanner

The newest sunless tanning craze is DRY OIL self-tanner! I can hear you now. “Kathryn, don’t you normally tell us to stay away from oil when we are getting our spray tans?” Yes, I do! And I am so happy you are listening, but let’s give this a try and see what happens. This post […] Read more…

how to extend a spray tan

How to Extend Your Spray Tan

Best Self Tanner to Extend Your Spray Tan You just got an amazing spray tan and you are obsessed with how the color makes your eyes pop and your teeth pearly white.  But after a few days, your spray starts to FADE and you are left wondering HOW do I extend the life of my […] Read more…

booking instructions for getting an available spray tan appointment with kathryn


How To Book An Appointment with Kathryn: If you are looking to get a spray tan by Kathryn then you have found me! I have been doing spray tans for over 20 years in the Toledo Perrysburg Ohio area. It’s my specialty! I have a busy studio and with as many requests for appointments as […] Read more…

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