What sunscreen you choose can damage your spray tan. Make sure you are picking the correct products.

Top 5 Best Sunscreens Safe For Your Spray Tan

Kathryn’s Top 5 Best Sunscreens That Won’t Ruin Your Spray Tan UPDATED FOR SPRING BREAK 2018!!! Time for a little fun in the sun, and a lovely Sun Spray tan before you slip into your swimsuit, grab your towel and head for that lounge chair. Pure relaxation! Before all that relaxing can happen you need […] Read more…

The secret photography tip makeup artists want you to know blog feature image

spray tan wedding tips

3 SECRETS MAKEUP ARTISTS SWEAR BY WHEN YOU GET A SPRAY TAN BEFORE YOUR WEDDING MAKEUP Hi! Kathryn here again talking about all things spray tan! Want to learn more about me and what I do check out my about page. Since I specialize in spray tans for weddings I am often asked by my brides […] Read more…

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Spray Tan Tips For Your Photoshoot

Should you get a spray tan for your professional wedding, engagement, or senior photoshoot? Many times when my clients are getting ready for pictures they ask me if they should get a spray tan for their photoshoot to enhance their skin color. My answer is YES! But I’m a spray tan artist and I think […] Read more…

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