You need a FAST way to advertise your spray tan business online. Connecting potential new clients to your business and the information they need to get the perfect spray tan.

Having a webpage is the perfect way to connect the dots and be considered a legit business. BUT dealing with technology, Google and SEO can be confusing and expensive.

You also need tons of content and information to get your webpage to RANK in a Google search. And that takes time.

It can take up to a year for Google to trust your webpage and show it in an organic search.

{spray tan + “your city”}

Which is what your new clients are searching for.

So, what’s a girl to do?

How to promote your spray tan business advertising

I have a solution.

Promote Your Spray Tan Business For FREE

My SunSpray by Kathryn webpage receives national traffic. From potential clients searching for information on sunless tanning, self-tanning and spray tanning services.

I have tons of sunless information and spray tan blog posts that rank page one on Google. Bringing my webpage over 70,000 pageviews a month.

That’s a LOT of people who want to know about spray tans that are looking at this website.

The people reading my webpage are looking for instructions on HOW spray tanning works. And potentially searching for a SPRAY TAN ARTIST in their area to help give them the glow they are looking for.

By adding your spray tan company to the FREE SunSpray Directory you are putting your business advertising in front of the very people who are interested in your services.

AND providing your clients with super helpful information on how spray tans work.

Without the time and money, it takes to build a sizable webpage.

I did that part for you.

Spray Tan Business Advertising Ideas

Listing your spray tan business in the SunSpray Business Directory is an easy way to get started with your online marketing.

I get asked all the time why I am helping spray tan artists advertise their spray tan businesses.

The spray tan industry can be a very lonely place. The competition is fierce and the help is minimal. I want to do my part to change all that. I have been in this industry for 19 years and had to figure out how to be successful on my own.

You don’t have to do that. I am happy to share with you exactly HOW I built my profitable spray tan business.

Partnering together helps us build a strong connected community of business professionals supporting one another!!!

I do have to charge for some of my services to keep a roof overhead. Although I do strive to keep as much of my content as possible FREE of charge to my spray tan business owners.

Also, my email overflows with people looking for “spray tans near me” and asking who I know that I can send them to.

By building a searchable database of spray tan business owners on my webpage takes a little off my plate so that I can continue to create new content for the webpage and this FB group.

This means you are helping me out too! Thank You!

Marketing and Strategy Ideas for promoting your spray tan business

How To Promote Your Spray Tan Business

It’s super simple to get your FREE spray tan business listing.

Step 1: Gather Your Info

  1. Your Spray Tan Business Name
  2. Are you a salon? or Mobile? Address if you have a physical location/Area served if you are mobile
  3. Business Phone Number (or a preferred way for clients to book)
  4. Web Address if you have a webpage
  5. Social Media links to your FB, IG, etc.
  6. A few lines about your business-what do you specialize in, what certifications do you have, what other services do you provide, etc.
  7. And up to 6 pictures of your logo, your headshot, and your pretty spray tan clients.

Step 2: Send Me Your Spray Tan Business Advertising Information

email me at with DIRECTORY INFO as the subject line.

As soon as I get the listing live I will send you a custom link to your spray tan advertising page. Then you can SHARE it and LINK to it where ever you need to.

I hope this FREE spray tan business directory helps you build your business and clientele.

Spray Tan Business Pros:

Do you have a mobile spray tanning business, home-based spray tan business? Or are you looking for information on HOW to start a spray tan business? Then check out my tools of the trade for help in setting up your own airbrush spray tanning business.

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