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When to schedule your bridal spray tan for your wedding day and other bridal beauty secrets.

Bridal Beauty Checklist when to schedule your spray tan and other beauty appointments

Planning Your Bridal Beauty Routine When you are planning your wedding there are so many moving parts to have come together and it is often the first huge event you have organized in your life.  It can be overwhelming and I often see the brides beauty routine being left as a last minute consideration. Girl […] Read more…

The secret photography tip makeup artists want you to know blog feature image

spray tan wedding tips

3 SECRETS MAKEUP ARTISTS SWEAR BY WHEN YOU GET A SPRAY TAN BEFORE YOUR WEDDING MAKEUP Hi! Kathryn here again talking about all things spray tan!¬†Want to learn more about me and what I do check out my about page. Since I specialize in spray tans for weddings I am often asked by my brides […] Read more…

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Spray Tan Tips For Your Photoshoot

Should you get a spray tan for your professional wedding, engagement, or senior photoshoot? Many times when my clients are getting ready for pictures they ask me if they should get a spray tan for their photoshoot to enhance their skin color. My answer is YES! But I’m a spray tan artist and I think […] Read more…

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