After Spray Tan

How to take care of your spray tan after you get it to extend the life of your sunless tan.

How to shave before your spray tan and after to keep your fresh tan longer.

How To Shave Before & After Your Spray Tan

My clients ask me if you can shave with a spray tan. Knowing how to properly shave before and after your spray tan helps you maintain your beautiful glow and prepare your skin before your spray tan appointment. Think longer-lasting tan! Shaving is easy once you know it all works together. So let’s go through […] Read more…

Washing Your Hair AFTER Your Spray Tan

I get lots of questions about the best way for washing your hair after you get a spray tan. So I came up with 5 easy tips for you so you don’t mess up your fresh bronze color in the shower. This post contains affiliate links.  If you click and purchase, I may make a […] Read more…

what to wear after a spray tan guidelines

What To Wear After A Spray Tan

After your spray tan, you should wear dark, loose cotton clothes that will cover your fresh tan to protect it. Outfits such as a dark cotton maxi dress, loose yoga pants, a t-shirt or jammie pants, and a soft long-sleeved t-shirt. Never wear tight tops or leggings after your spray tan as they can rub […] Read more…

extend your spray tan with mild soap

Best Body Wash For Before & After Your Spray Tan

Hopping into the shower before your spray tan appointment, you grab your body wash and think “is this the best body wash for my spray tan?” Good question! YES, it absolutely matters what body wash you use BEFORE and AFTER your spray tan. This post contains affiliate links.  If you click and purchase, I may […] Read more…

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