After Spray Tan

How to take care of your spray tan after you get it to extend the life of your sunless tan.

What sunscreen you choose can damage your spray tan. Make sure you are picking the correct products.

Top Best Sunscreens Safe For Your Spray Tan

Time for a little fun in the sun, and a lovely SunSpray airbrush tan before you slip into your swimsuit, grab your towel, and head for that lounge chair. Pure relaxation! But before all that relaxing can happen you need to do one more thing….put on your SUNSCREEN! The best sunscreens for spray tans are […] Read more…

5 best lotions to use before a spray tan SunSpray blog feature image

Best Lotions To Use After Your Spray Tan

The best lotion to use after a spray tan is one that is all-natural, organic, and contains skin-nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut butter. Using a moisturizer that is free from harsh ingredients will help to extend your sunless tan. Avoid mineral oil, perfumes, and fruit acids that encourage skin cell turnover […] Read more…

Ultimate lotion list for your spray tan

Best Body Lotion For Summer Spray Tans

Why You Should Moisturize In The Summer Summer heat, air-conditioning, and sun exposure can dehydrate your skin leaving your skin patchy and rough. Moisturizing during the summer months helps to keep your skin hydrated and your spray tan smooth. If you are looking for the perfect body lotion for summer that is safe for your […] Read more…

3 tips for shaving after your spray tan

Tips For Shaving When You Get A Spray Tan

The best way to shave after a spray tan is to use a sulfate-free shower wash, a new razor, and a light touch. Pat dry when you’re done and moisturize with a self-tanning lotion to extend your color. All other hair removal methods should be done before your spray tan so as not to remove […] Read more…

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