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Since I specialize in spray tans for weddings I am often asked by my brides how getting a tan before the wedding works with their professional makeup application and what their makeup artist is going to think of the idea.

The makeup artists that I work with in the Toledo, Ohio area really love it when their brides are getting a little glow (<–read little glow). But I thought maybe you all would want to hear directly from one of them.

Leah and I work together almost daily and she both gets spray tans regularly as well as works on many of my brides wearing their SunSpray Airbrush tan, I thought it would be great for her to share her spray tan wedding tips with you.

So here goes Leah!! Thanks for guest posting on the SunSpray blog.

Special Occasion Makeup Advice with MUA Leah

So you have a special occasion (engagement photos, bachelorette party or your wedding) coming up and are feeling a teensy bit pale. You wish you could have a nice glow without having to overdo it on the bronzer. What better way than to get a spray tan?

The Secret Benefits of a Spray Tan Under Your Makeup

A spray tan will give you that perfect sun kissed glow but it also:

  • Makes your eyes and teeth appear brighter.
  • Smooths your skin tone allowing your makeup artist to pick the right foundation.
  • Helps your skin to look more youthful. The skin will appear softer and smoother and the color difference between your neck and face will be easier to blend.

All of this leads to looking your best in your photos!

Photo Credit Lauren Mackenzie Photography, Spray Tan SunSpray by Kathryn, Makeup Leah at Merle Norman Cosmetics

Why Skin Care is Important to Your Spray Tan

Your skin care can be the make it or break it for your spray tan on your face especially! Things to keep in mind to make your glowing skin go that extra mile.

The proper SKIN CARE.

Make sure to listen to the instructions you are given by your spray tan artist and do not allow yourself to use any skin care products with any kind of Salicylic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids as these ingredients can cause your tan to fade prematurely or become uneven. You should however use mild gentle washes with NO exfoliators. At the shop we recommend Merle Norman’s Gentle Solutions skincare line with tea tree and chamomile extracts. We also have a natural sulfate free body wash that we all LOVE how it smells and it’s spray tan safe. The Naked Bee Body Wash, no yucky chemicals in it to mess with your tan.

Beautiful Engagement Photo by Swatch Studios, Spray Tan SunSpray by Kathryn and Makeup by Leah at Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio

Should I Change My Makeup When I Get My Spray Tan?

Ah! This is a great question! Here are my top tips for makeup with your spray tan.

  • Make sure that your foundation matches your new TAN self. You don’t want to get a tan and then use the super pale foundation that you were using on your previously ghostly face.  Invest in a color matched foundation that perfectly goes with your new color.
  • Where did my lips go? It is important to remember when you have a spray tan to wear a bit more color on your lips and stay away from the nudes. This is important for photos as you do not want your lips to fade into your skincolor. Also a pop of lipcolor  will make your teeth appear even whiter!

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Spray Tan for Weddings & Professional Makeup

If you are getting a spray tan for your wedding, as your makeup artist, I advise you to schedule your tan 2 days before your makeup trial so that we can match your foundation and you have a completed look so that you are confident with all your color choices for your big day. This also allows you to feel comfortable with the whole spray tan process and you can practice the sunless tanning rules before your wedding day. Getting your tan 2 days before your makeup application allows the color to settle into the skin and it will make your day of makeup go even smoother having the correct foundation picked out.

Having a spray tan from an experienced spray tan artist followed up with your professionally applied makeup is going to really make the difference in your wedding photos! Investing in your wedding beauty is going to show.  I mean you are the star of the day and you should get to feel like it.  If you are contemplating a spray tan for your wedding or special occasion as a MUA I 100% say do it!

There are other spray tan rules that you do want to stick to for a perfect outcome but under your special occasion makeup your tan will make you feel so much better giving you that extra umph of confidence. Bonus Points for white teeth, bright eyes, and smooth skin….and perfect pictures!

Thanks Leah for all your amazing advice!  So much helpful information for all the brides out there considering pairing a spray tan with their special occasion makeup for their wedding day.

Want to connect with Leah over at Merle Norman to learn more about the special occasion makeup services? Visit the website, or find her on FaceBook

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